Camp Frack 2

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Date(s) - 10/05/2013 - 12/05/2013
6:00 pm

Camp Frack 2



The camp is being organised by a coalition of anti-fracking, trades union and environmental groups including Frack Off, Campaign against Climate Change, Lancashire & Merseyside anti-fracking groups, Friends of the Earth & Greater Manchester Assoc. of Trades Union Councils.

“We need a BIG something to get the attention of others who are not yet aware of the consequences of what is being proposed [with fracking], and we need to show those with the power to stop this that we are MANY…. We need to do something BIG, something UNIFIED, something VISIBLE and I believe that Camp Frack 2 presents an opportunity we should seize. Staying in a tent in a field for two nights may not sound game-changing BUT… it could be.

During the camp we’ll be able to unite with other groups and individuals from throughout the UK & Ireland in order to plan strategies and share resources. We will have speakers and films to help us become better informed and prepared. We will hopefully make a splash too big for the media to ignore and investors may just get scared enough to think twice.”

In addition to the anti-fracking angle, the camp is also about demanding climate jobs, hence the involvement of the trade unions. And to make it a fun event as well as everything else, there’ll be music, poetry and stuff too.
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