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Events today – Occupy Our Neighbourhoods, Cobden Partners presentations, plus artists


Occupy Our Neighbourhoods at OccupyLSX at St Paul’s

This Saturday’s lunchtime General Assembly at 1pm Occupy London will be preparing for Occupy Everywhere Day (Thursday 15 December). You are invited to come along, get involved, and help to plan together anything from info stalls to guerrilla gardening, flash mobs to teach outs, with the aim of getting neighbours across London together talking.

Saturday’s lunchtime GA will provide space for London lovers, neighbours and visitors to discuss plans for occupations, teach outs and other actions specific to the local areas of London.

Artists at OccupyLSX at St Paul’s

On Saturday – across the day – expect to see artists at OccupyLSX for the day where they’ve been invited to make the occupation their canvas, as part of the recent call for a day of artistic expression. Children and families are especially welcome to join in.

Occupy London said: “This occupation is about many things but at its heart it’s all about love. Love for each other and our troubled world. Come and help turn OccupyLSX into an expression of that love.”

Cobden Partners presentations to OccupyLSX

This Saturday at 12.30pm Professor Kevin Dowd and Gordon Kerr of Cobden Partners  will be speaking at OccupyLSX.

Professor Kevin Dowd, economist and formerly professor of financial risk management at Nottingham University Business School and author of ”Alchemists of Loss”, will speak about the history of banking in the context of the relationship with central banks and governments, the development of destructive crony relationships that has destroyed the UK and other Western economies.

Investment banker Gordon Kerr will present an insider’s explanation of how banking has degenerated to its present nadir of managerial capitalism. If Kerr, is correct then the banking system is in far worse shape than is generally thought. Gordon has been involved in many of the most toxic derivative contracts and he is now setting out the consequences. He will cover:

  • Examples of how derivative reporting rules allow both sides of hedging transactions falsely to report up front, substantial profits;
  • How flawed IFRS rules allow RBS and other big banks to operate loss making business models that have already consumed all the bailout funds for no societal benefit;
  • How Basel rules, although deeply flawed, cannot actually function given the present false accounting system;
  • The way to start to fix the system: end the flaws endemic in our culture of rule-making.

Across Occupy London’s three occupations, there are many other events happening:

  • For events at Occupy London Stock Exchange camp at St Paul’s Churchyard and Finsbury Square see here
  • for events at the Bank of Ideas

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