European Commissioners and Activists Debate TTIP in Brussels March 2014


From You Tube posting:

Transnational Institute, together with Friends of the Earth and the Seattle to Brussels Network, plus representatives of the European Parliament and Commission, consumers and citizen groups from both sides of the Atlantic, shared perspectives on the likely impacts of a deal on our environment.


The event coincided with the fourth round of trade negotiations on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), in Brussels 10th — 14th March.


pia-3Pia Eberhardt, Corporate Europe Observatory “I am still waiting for the big resistance movement of lawyers who hold dear to their constitutions and think “we care about something like judicial independence. We care about something like equitable access to justice and we oppose investor state investment settlements in all EU agreements'”


Višnar Malinovská-European Commission-Directorate General for EnvironmeVišnar Malinovská, European Commission, Directorate General for Environment“I can only agree with you (Pia) on the access to justice. That is indeed a problem. A problem not only for the enterprises but also for the NGOs, and we are now looking into the possibility of opening up the access to justice on environmental matters in the EU, for example we have tried so since 2003 but we have been so far ver very very very unsuccessful mainly due to the member states.”


This panel debate was a space for a frank exchange of views on the introduction of special rights for companies in the TTIP free trade agreement made possible through the mechanism of the Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) provision.

How has the ISDS system been used in relation to the environment in existing trade agreements?

What can be learned from precedent cases?

How would including such rights threaten our environment?


– Rupert Schlegelmilch, European Commission, Directorate General for Trade

– Višnar Malinovská, European Commission, Directorate General for Environment

– Ilana Solomon, Sierra Club

– Stuart Trew, Council of Canadians

– Pia Eberhardt, Corporate Europe Observatory



Although this video is 2 months old now, it is a fascinating debate on the volumnous Trans-Atlantic Trade Investment Partnership.

On the 12th July 2014 in Trafalagar Square there will be a National Day of Action in London by the NoTTIP campaign. Stay tuned for more info. – Polly Tikkle.


Comment from the You Tube Post.

If you want to know why the ISDS is TTIP wrong in many ways? Watch at 41min of the video. Pia Eberhardt highlights two flaws.
ISDS is unfair. States can only defend. Corporations can use ISDS, but Nation States Cannot. Communities/Stake holders cannot use ISDS against Corporations that break the law or detrimentally affect their society.
Equitable access to Justice and Judicial Independence does not exist in ISDS.In this case, Union Carbide/Dow Chemical could sue the Indian Government, due to the Bhopal Disaster affecting their profits.

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