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EU vote being rammed through by the 5 Right Wing Media Billionaires



Undemocratic, unfair, stitch up of EU vote being rammed through by the 5 extremist right wing media billionaires by Donnachadh McCarthy

Undemocratic stitch up! The principle of no taxation without representation is an important one to me.

The decision by the Tories to exclude the 1.5 million EU citizens from a vote on one of the most important decisions ever by this country that directly affects their lives is undemocratic, unfair and a stitch-up.

I knew the five tax-dodging extreme right wing media billionaires and UKIP wanted to do this but shocked that the Tories have decided so quickly to implement their policy.

The UK joined the EU in 1973. The UK public by a large majority endorsed that decision in 1975, with 67% voting in favour, thus granting EU citizenship to all UK citizens.

This meant that any UK citizen moving to any of the other EU countries were doing so with the protection of being EU citizens living in an EU country and vice versa for citizens of other countries moving here.

EU citizens can vote in EU and local elections.

The referendum if the Yes vote does not win, would mean the approximately 1.5 million of our fellow EU citizens who moved here and made their lives here, would have their citizenship stripped from them, without having any say in the matter.

So someone could have been paying their UK taxes for over 42 years, brought up a family, bought a home and worked an entire working life and retired on a UK pension but they will have no say in having their citizenship stripped from them.

Of course if the Yes referendum fails, it would also strip EU citizenship from all those UK citizens who have moved to other EU states and made their lives there.

Most of them will also not be able to vote in this crucial referendum that affects them.

The BBC story is an outrage, as it gives no voice to those who are having their vote stripped from them. The only quotes it gives are to Cameron and the even more right wing scandal tainted Tory MP Dr Liam Fox.

How can there be any fair referendum held on the EU?

The entire five extremist right wing media billionaire cabal have been and will continue up to the referendum be pouring out poisonous xenophobic anti-EU propaganda. And the BBC is terrified of the Tories doing Murdoch and Desmond’s bidding and destroying them in the upcoming BBC Charter renewal.

They hate the fact that occasionally the collective democracies of the EU have stood up and regulated the vast global corporations that have the UK political parties by the throat or that they are big enough to possibly regulate the EU’s media market.

This whole debate about the EU is a manipulation of the general public to divert them from the destruction of social and ecological justice in the UK by the tax-dodging 1%.

Britain’s very shores, essential eco-systems and entire economy is facing the biggest threat ever to ito its very future from the climate crisis, with the carbon budget set to be destroyed within 13 years and now we are going to be diverted for two whole years into this far less important issue.

The Prostituted Media pillar of The Prostitute State – How Britain’s Democracy Has Been Bought is dictating our political agenda to the huge detriment of all of us.

We are truly living in a Murdocracy…..

Please write to your MPs calling for all those EU citizens affected, who live and pay or have paid taxes in the UK, to have a say in this referendum.


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