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The Politics of Technology: Breaking the Frame, May 2nd-5th


Occupy London’s Energy, Equity and Environment group are involved in a Breaking The Frame gathering, happening over the weekend of 2-5 May near Sheffield.

On March 1st, Occupy London agreed by consensus at an Assembly on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral to support this event – joining groups such as Corporate Watch, Biofuelwatch, Campaign against Climate Change, The Land, Boycott EDF and more.

Breaking The Frame press release:

“Whether you’re interested in the politics of food, energy, work, environment, gender, peace, economics, health, etc., all these issues are shaped by choices about technology made by military, corporate and technocratic elites.   The aim of the gathering is to change the debate about technology, environment and society, and to put the politics of technology where it belongs, at the heart of radical politics.  It’s about a broad social and political vision, not just a long list of issues raised by technology.  And we will do more than just talk about the issues: we aim to found a new network on the politics of technology, a new critical mass that will change the whole debate.


The gathering won’t just be talking and thinking – there will be hands on workshops, music, poetry and time to explore the beautiful grounds of Unstone Grange and the surrounding Derbyshire countryside.  There will be childcare available during the daytime so parents can fully participate in the gathering.


For more on the ideas behind the gathering and to check out the growing list of organisations supporting it and taking part, visit the gathering information page.  If you’re too late to book for the weekend event…

 There are also regular Breaking the Frame meetings in London. For more info on these, check the BTF website.



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