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Economics WG Friday 6th June 2013


Economics WG Friday 6th June 2013

EWG meeting on Friday 6th June 2014 – minutes
John, Schlacke, Omar, Obi, Mary, Ellena, Janos, Tom, Steve B, Clive

1. How we create agendas? – Who will set the agenda for Friday meetings? And post it on the website? Tim will do it for the next four weeks and Omar will shadow him. Setting the agendas on Monday? Part of Monday is to report back on the tasks and decide whether a Friday slot is required for a given task to be discussed. Framework – for themes.

Lack consistency of number of people attending meetings. One suggestion: need notice if people can’t make meetings, well in advance; failure to do so twice in row results in a bar – not agreed. But need some order. Variable numbers not helpful. Need some commitment to EWG. Perception of some that there aren’t sufficient reasons to be at meetings? “If we can’t generate enough interest we should end it.” We need to work with a positive frame of mind, accepting that we are few and have many different commitments. People, please make an effort to send apologies if you can’t make meetings and make a public commitment to attend meetings so that others are aware of who/how many will be in attendance.

Clive to circulate to regular attendees asking them to advise whether or not attending. Try to minute in notification of attendance announce at the meetings. Tim will republish the framework. Obi will paste agendas on the web site. People need to email items they want on the agenda to the EWG list and they will be incorporated when possible. Need trust to develop the group. This is not a crisis but procedural problems which can be overcome.

2. Day long meeting to discuss interest may need to be deferred – some people can’t make 28th June. Proposed to use the Mayday rooms 88 Fleet St; they’ve invited us. Need to recce – Elena, Tim,
Janos, Clive, Steve (and anyone else who wants to come) will meet there before the EWG at 4pm on Friday 13th June.

3. Updates

Citizens Income conference – possibility for the Putney Debates

Putney Debates. Sponsorship requests going out. Web addresses reserved. Inka to do the filming if we can raise sufficient funding.
Reading group – possibility to cover the opportunities listed previously – needs more support/attendance.

Hugh and Matt, Neil at SES – talking on Economics, Energy and Environment. Someone else discussed complexity theory. John Christiansen, Tax Justice Network. All possibilities for Putney Debates?

Sat GA 2-4pm at St Paul’s. How Occupy works and StopTTIP.

Putney Debates planning meetings Tuesday 6:30pm at Friends House

July 12th StopTTIP. WDM planning meeting next Wednesday.

4. Principles as per original agenda item – paper circulated by John and recirculated with these minutes. The statement of principles is not yet finalised but we’re not going to refine it until we’ve completed the rest of the work cataloguing different views. Five principles: Land; Money and finance; Income; Work; Economy for the benefit of all. Deal with pages 2, 3 and 4 if we can, other than the headings which need amplification. Cataloguing exercise on the five principles. Policies in respect of those principles both within the current economic system and those who seek to change the whole system. Get down every view down on paper first.

Land is not the best descriptive word but in the preamble is clarified – ie. Both tangible and intangible commons. How to incorporate everybody’s ideas. Difference between what is God/nature given etc. State ownership of ports/roads etc. aka frozen land. Value of what”s created communally.
Altered text for the reformist para? Land should be held communally rather than by the state. Nationally should be a transitional state towards global concept. National boundaries are of
practical value to collect the surplus value of land and resources to fund public services and citizens income. Bio-regions may be a possibile alternative – some already exist (Great Lakes in North America). Rents to be paid for the common benefit.

Need to explore the difference between transformative/reformist elements. Government needs to reflect the community’s will. The nation state is a collective community.

Need to give this topic a lot more time – continuation next Friday. It’s easier to think small and localisation makes a lot of sense but we can’t ignore the plight of others victimised by the system; nonetheless we have to start somewhere.

This is a fundamental task and most important work for the EWG. Needs sufficient time to do it thoroughly.

Action points:
Clive to circulate regular attendees with a request to indicate when they will and won’t attend meetings.
Tim to recirculate the framework (for Friday meetings) document.
Obi will post the agendas on the website


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