Earthian’s Peace Walk to the Middle East


Earthian, OccupyLSX stalwart, has set off on a walk from the UK to the Middle East, a walk for peace during which he aims to use zero carbon and zero money. Earthian has chosen not to carry his British passport. He refuses to recognise the divisions that nationalities and religions impose on humans, and he refuses to recognise borders. He is not a British-Iranian, he is Earthian.

“I am going to tell the passport people this and tell them I am going to the centre of the earth in Iraq and maybe they will let me through.”

Having slept at the foot of the cliffs of Dover – where he found local people to be very hospitable – Earthian managed to hitch a lift across the Channel to France. After ‘occupying’ Paris, Milano, Bergamo, Brescia, Mazzano, Verona, and Venezia, he landed in the border town of Trieste near Slovenia, from where he hoped to cross into Croatia then Bosnia and Bulgaria, on his way to Istanbul.

At the Slovenian/Croatian border he was arrested for not carrying a passport. Once the guards had been convinced that he did possess a passport – “I have one, I just don’t want to carry it, as I am on a peace mission to the Middle East I can not be biased towards a country and carry that passport” – they released him.

Earthian is now trying to find an alternative route to Istanbul. He travelled to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, then on to Maribor. He is heading for Lendave, a small Slovenian-Hungarian border town.

“I am hoping this time I can get through to the capital of Hungary, and hopefully way to Sofia, and then Istanbul. Wish me best luck…”

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