Drinks and Drugs News: Be The Change – 6th National Service User’s Conference Closing Session



Here is a 5min excerpt of paper I gave to the 6th National Service User [Drug Users] Conference
Feb 14th 2013

Of the 500-strong delegation; the vast majority were people who have been or are dependent on opiates, crack, cocaine all badduns like me;-) a few of them are now paid drugs workers, but mostly they are volunteers like us. We organise drug users so that we can advocate for our health and human rights and increasing numbers are getting politicized, AT LAST!

I hated this, but i generally do: i did however manage to make a couple of salient political points that might wake us up to the utter destructiveness of “the war on drugs..” What was encouraging was that none of the paid professionals tried to edit me b4 I went on stage and given that I can be a bit of a loose canon , I thought they may have finally acknowledged that what we have been saying about drug policy for decades is actually A,OK

Anyways, if U do watch it, please comment when U get a mo


Andria xx


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