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DAWG – 29 May 2014 – Draft notes of meeting


DAWG – 29 May 2014 – Draft notes of meeting

Present: Steve B, John S, Paul R, Sam X, Obi L, Phil E, George B. Apologies: Chris F-D. Actions in bold.


Our application to Lush fund has been submitted. Paul has also put in a pre-application to Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust. It was also suggested that we could get funding from Unite and RMT. John would approach Steve Hedley at the RMT.

There was a problem with the OL bank account as cheques required three signatories and most of the authorised signatories were out of touch. Do we need our own bank account or do OL need more authorised signatories?


John had spoken with the Ritzy and Lambeth College strikers, Shirley Franklin of the Defend Whittington Hospital Coalition and Dave Smith of the Blacklist Support Group. Obi said he would speak to South East London Peoples’ Assembly, Stop TTIP, Hands Off British Rail and Lewisham People Before Profit. Phil needed to resubmit the motion to the NUJ London Freelance Branch and would see if Guy or Sean could second the motion.

Everyone to update the spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AqerWWxV429ldFVWTTFMQ0d2bWwzbzlvNV9FTjlwQVE&usp=drive_web#gid=0

Steve had compiled and sent a list of email addresses to the DAWG list but wanted someone else to add them to the googledoc.


John would share a googledocs calendar so that group members could add who would be leafleting and talking at the various upcoming events, such as: Anti Bedroom Tax and Benefit Justice Federation national meeting (8 June), Unite Against Fascism (14 June), Future of Occupy meeting (15), Viking Flash Mob at British Museum (15), The Spark (16-21 June), Peoples Assembly National Demonstration (22). Then it’s festival season…

If possible we should keep any other events in October to a minimum.


There was doubt whether we had the capacity to organise this at short notice so no further plans were made for this at the meeting. It was also pointed out that it clashed with several other events. [Note: 14 June will be the 175th anniversary of the Chartists presenting their petition to parliament in 1839].

Website and social media

The meeting discussed the merits of setting up a new website for Occupy Democracy rather than using sub-pages on the existing OL site. We agreed that it might be easier to set up a new site. John would see if he could secure either the occupydemocracy.org or occupydemocracy.net address. Everyone to bring cash to the next meeting in case we need to have a whip round to reimburse John.

We would put a call out for someone to build a website.

Obi started a twitter account for @occupydemocracy. While we wanted to broadcast our agreed messaging to date, we also wanted to engage people emotionally around the issues. John recommended the book “Tweets from the Streets” which contained lessons from Egypt about social media.


John would create a new piratepad where we could make suggestions on text for this over the new week, then finalise at the next meeting. Bullet-point text of main points suggested. Paul would circulate an example of a leaflet he thought was well-designed. We would print a couple of thousand and give out to anti-cuts groups over the coming weeks.

Obi would create a new info@ email address that could be set up as a news list.  The leaflet would include this email address, along with a website address. George and John to contact possible designers. Any other suggestions for designers welcome.

Call to Action

At the strategy meeting on Saturday it had been agreed to open discussions around this for another week. A new piratepad link had been circulated and a number of people had contributed suggested texts. The meeting discussed these suggestions for some time before agreeing a number of amendments. These included: starting with the call to action agreed last week; substituting Claire’s wording for the second paragraph; substituting Claire’s alternative plain English text for “austerity”; adding in Maria’s paragraph about “opening up a democratic space”; and including references to the third anniversary of Occupy London and the TUC march.  Paul would circulate the final version by email.

The text could be updated as things develop over the coming months. Do we want to press release this?


George recommended watching the film “No” about the positive way the Chilean anti-Pinochet campaign was marketed.

There was some discussion about what would be included in the occupation programme. It would likely include a combination of participatory/deliberative elements and workshops with solution-focused experts. John raised the suggestion of a Peoples’ Tribunal as part of the programme.


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