David Harvey speaking to Occupy London


David Harvey, Professor of Anthropology at the City University of New York spoke last week to the occupiers outside St Paul’s Cathedral in London. Here’s a video of his speech, in which he argues “one of the things that I think we’re learning over the last few years actually and particularly over the last few months, is that it’s people – on the street, in the squares – that really matters, in the end.”


David Harvey at Occupy London / November 12, 2011 / International Day of Solidarity from Elaine Castillo on Vimeo.


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  1. Occupy movement was started in September by a few students who slept overnight in cupboard boxes in a park near Wall Street and by 15 October it has became an international movement. This is not a stunt, this is a movement that is representing many people who have realized that their MPs, politicians are powerless or have become irrelevant in the currently international financial crisis and can no longer truly represent them.

    The small people around the world are now organizing themselves to find a way to tackle this sense of powerlessness and the impotence of our currently political reality.

  2. For those politicians who became politicians to do good not just for themselves, either in the UK or other western democracies, they must by now have the realization that they have been outsmarted and outgunned by the Market and those who control the money in the Market. It is now the Market who ousts and imposes prime ministers, not the people.

    It is true that the Occupy Movement has yet produced alternative solutions, but it is even more true that none of the political parties or governments have so far come up with any alternatives either (or are confident that they are about to find one).

    If you are not content that the purpose of your remaining political career should merely be a functionary slave foreman, you should do all your can to preserve and assist the Occupy Movement all around the world, as this maybe the only forum/movement of wide open online an offline participation that may find an international solution ( at least in the western democracies).

  3. Thought this Guardian article would interest a few here;


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