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Daneshill Rig Occupied

Daneshill Fracking Rig Occupied. Photo by Linwë Ar-Feiniel

Daneshill Fracking Rig Occupied. Photo by Linwë Ar-Feiniel

Waking up this morning and we find out that the Daneshill Protectors have occupied the fracking rig.
Good show.

King of the Castle Dart Energy are the Dirty Rascals

The first rig to be scaled in this ecocidal push for yet more fossil fuels.

In a dramatic dawn raid at approx 5.00 am this morning Daneshill Protectors took the rig on the Daneshill Site. At the time of writing the occupation was in its 9 th hour. We will not stand by while dirty gas and oil pollute our land, poison the water we drink and the air we breath. We are watching, we are waiting we are coming.
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Get involved, good things don’t just happen by themself. This is both a local, national and global issue. There are many ways to contribute to kick the greedy maniac’s out. It takes all sorts. Old and young.

Other countries are leading by example in proving renewable energy infrastructure is a viable option. Plus it doesnt cause as much harm. Which is a big bonus.

Some countries have even banned the harmful folly of these extraction techniques. Please research why that is.




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