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Daneshill Community Protection Camp by Linwë Ar-Feiniel


Daneshill Linwë Ar-Feiniel

Daneshill Community Protection Camp by Linwë Ar-Feiniel

Taking some time to reflect on the past few months. My current location is Daneshill in Nottinghamshire, the home of a beautiful protest camp in the woods opposite the Dart Energy drill site in which Coal Bed Methane extraction and fracking is due to take place. The quaint woodland camp is a welcome respite from the oppressive police presence and roaring motorway at Barton Moss Protection Camp, in which the rig is now dismantled, having found the shale reserves they were looking for (with of course much disruption from the peaceful direct actions of the Protectors). 73% of citizens polled are now against fracking in Manchester; and the locals are aware, active and empowered in taking a stand for the land.

It is truly amazing to see the transformation that happens to individuals joining this movement. The plan here, as my partner says, is unknowable. In this game we cannot rely on strategy, structures, hierarchies or leadership. This is the game of those who oppose our actions… The government, police and trans-global corporations. And as we can see all kinds of attempts to ‘accrue’ and ‘control’ in this way are inherently out of sync with the laws of nature and the universe. ‘The plan’, if any, seems to arise of the moment, the energy, of the innate intelligence of those whose hearts are open to something ‘bigger’.

Horizontal de-centralised power is key, our movements are unpredictable and intuitive instead of reactive. There are no leaders, only autonomous individuals who may or may not be inwardly called to lead at appropriate times when their skills or knowledge is needed. This kind of arrangement does not breed any kind of destructive anarchy as conjured in the minds of the fearful authoritarian; everything is done as it should be- dishes get washed, actions are planned and performed by inspired individuals, the camp retains a welcoming vibe. All things when left by themselves come into harmony. As evolution and refinement occur naturally in the environment without instruction or monitoring, people and groups of people also ‘grow’ this way in my experience.

At Daneshill so far the actions have taken the form of blocking the entrance of the site (with a tea party!) to delay the entry and departure of trucks for hours (with some turning away after being asked to reveal their contents), distributing leaflets, workshops on renewable energy and environmental monitoring, holding fun and informative family events for local people, and generally maintaining a peaceful presence. It’s early days here and the police presence is minimal.

Sometimes my mind tries to convince me that we are trying to achieve an impossible feat in the big scheme of things, but essentially one knows this isn’t results-orientated work. It reminds me of that quote: ‘Sentient beings are numberless, I vow to same them all… The Buddha Way is unto able, I vow to attain it’. Why is the Way unattainable? There is nothing to attain. Nothing to do and nowhere to go. So we apply ourselves to the great task in earnest and open our minds to possibility. This in itself brings joy and fulfilment. We know the planet needs clean water. We know that clean energy is possible, as our modest camp aspires to demonstrate. We know that it is ignorance that turns the wheel of suffering and not people or events. So we all must do what we need to do, the best we can do it, and do it with other people, for other people- this is what the age of Aquarius calls into Being.

From the advent of increasingly intuitive and unifying technologies, to the mass ecocidal devastation occurring all over the planet in these times; these events call us out of our more self-centred preoccupations and encourage us to share information, resources, ideas, inspiration. We can see reflected on the outside that short term profit at the expense of the whole is not working and we can feel on the inside the emptiness and loneliness of a society priding itself on the illusion of individuality rather than the truth of unity. So we must see that What we do now is not just for us, but for those who shall inherit the earth.

I encourage anyone nearby Nottinghamshire to come and experience the camp we have here and get involved in the campaign. There are beautiful surroundings and people, much to learn and create, opportunities for group meditation, a beautiful chance to use your energy to help cultivate a Peaceful, frack free planet.


Fracking firm to drill on former explosives site


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