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Cyberwarfare for the Facebook generation



Without access to the internet, we would be reliant on the few infotainment conglomerates for news and analysis. Blogging and alternative news media have given us access to an avalanche of information within which we can find nuggets of truth. However, established interests and governments have not stood aside from the world wide web but have sought to use social and alternative media to reinforce their lies and propaganda.

Who’s Faking It? Pentagon “Cyber-Warriors” Planting “False Information on Facebook”
By Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich

It is essential to sift information and contrast and compare alternative sources. A reliable source of information on one issue may not be impartial in respect of something else. For example, Al Jazeera was a useful counterbalance to Western media cheerleading the war against Iraq but more recently, its impartiality is in question. It is owned by Qatar which, as Daily Pickings reported yesterday, is a key player in US policy to destabilise regimes across the Middle East and Africa.

Critical thinking skills and techniques are essential to make sense of what’s going on. In December, Daily Pickings suggested enrolling for the five week online critical thinking course at the University of Edinburgh begins this week: Critical Thinking in Global Challenges



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