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Cuadrilla Exploration Director admits they have no control over the impact of explorations



Cuadrilla’s Exploration Director freely admits they have no control over the impact of their operations. He of course has no idea what happens to the toxic, radioactive cocktail they are injecting and releasing into our subterranean geology – what effect that will have on seismic activity – or how long it will take to get into the groundwater.

“Very little of the fracture fluid actually ever returns to the surface, so when we inject the water in there most of it does not come back. There are lots of theories. No one know exactly what is going on or where the water goes or where the final resting place is.”

Andrew Quarles, Cuadrilla’s Exploration Director at the UK Shale Gas summit, London, 24.2.15.

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Between 1978 and 2008, Oklahoma averaged fewer than two significant earthquakes per year. In 2014, that number had spiked to 585, including 19 that measured a powerful 4.0 magnitude or stronger.



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