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Crawberry Hill Update: Total Policing, Total Control 04/06/2014



The Crawberry Hill Community Protection Camp this morning found themselves contained to the camp. They did not even have access to the toilets 30 feet down the road.

The Humberside Police decided that due to their habit of walking slowly in front of the lorries, they were committing a crime. Please note that the Magistrates Courts have all found walking in front of lorries, is as much a right of pedestrians, as those of protesters.

Tristan had to ask the police whether they had tasers. The police at first refused, till they were informed that there were members of the camp who had heart conditions. Obi/

An account from one of our local supporters of today’s events
Prepare for a wall of text.

Been up to Crawberry Hill Community Protection Camp just now with my family. My mum was kept behind the police cordon with some officers and her car keys to make sure ‘the car could be moved if anything came down’ and to make sure she didn’t ‘disappear into a tent for 20 hours’ but my dad (Twiggy Pete) and I were permitted through. Was told that I’d be able to cross the line of police and then come back, but then that was seemingly revoked after we’d dropped the stuff off and had a cup of tea, and we were stuck on one side as good old Rathlin’s trucks arrived. Was kept essentially held hostage for about 30mins before I was eventually escorted over the line and back to the car, and they told me the only reason they did that was because I’d previously been told I could come back over. Otherwise, I would not have been permitted to leave.

Tigger had been arrested for seemingly just running down a road, and Lala is being denied access to a toilet. A basic human right. The right to peacefully protest is still being denied. Police liaison didn’t even show up until after the blooming trucks arrived.

On my way back the officer insisted on escorting my mum and I back to the car while my dad talked to an officer who I think was the inspector (?) about the fact that they were being denied access to the toilet. We were not allowed to hear what was said. On the way back the officer escorting me walked behind me and placed his hand on my shoulder once and also on my back once with me twice asking him (admittedly quietly and probably pathetically the first time) not to touch me which has really shaken me up because I don’t deal with people I’m close to touching me, never mind strangers. I had a short (and difficult because of anxiety) discussion with him about the fact I’m 17 and have little trust in the police and their conduct. He did apologise to me for touching me, and told me not to be anxious (lol), and admitted that not all police officers are good.

SOME of the police were actually quite friendly and seemingly more clued up on the topic when I spoke to them (with a few possibly against, but just doing their jobs) and a lot of them had no clue that the vehicles were coming. But it does not excuse the ones who were unnecessarily intimidating/cold, the complete denial of rights, their secrecy, or the fact that there were about three or four times the amount of officers to people.

Humberside Police, get a job. Protect the people, not the corporations.


Statement from Simon Pook of Robert Lizar Solicitors below which is the PRESS RELEASE given to Hull Local Media in particular Hull Daily Mail and Yorkshire Post


“I am extremely concerned that Humberside Police appear to have acted outside of their lawful duty in the manner they ‘kettled’ my clients for over two hours. I am of the view having watched the footage the right to protest was not balanced in a proportionate way manner to allow compliance with the European Convention Of Human Rights. Lord Mance drew attention in R (Laporte) v Chief Constable of Gloucestershire Constabulary [2006] Containment is only permitted where a breach of the peace is taking place or is reasonably thought to be imminent. It is clear, therefore, that containment is not permissible for some purpose other than to prevent a breach of the peace which is taking place or reasonably thought to be imminent. It is my view having considered the video this test was not met and brings into question the lawfulness of the policing used today.

I am particularly concerned that Inspector Holmes refused my request to allow a disabled woman to use a toilet some 30 feet behind the police lines .As a result of the police actions and complete refusal to allow the disabled woman to use the toilets, she was taken by ambulance to Hull Infirmary.

I will be compiling a dossier on the actions of Humberside Policing of the protest at Crawberry Hill and other proposed sites in Humberside. This dossier will be sent to Maina Kiai, the United Nation’s Special Rapporteur on freedom of peaceful assembly and association.

Simon Pook
Human and Civil Rights Solicitor.

Community opposition to Rathlin Energy's fracking site near Beverley, Walkington Heads Rd, Yorkshire, HU17 8RU.

Crawberry Hill Community Protection Camp

For livestream coverage,please follow: http://bambuser.com/channel/tristanwoodwards


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