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Corrupt and Beyond Redemption.


Criminality was rife throughout the sub-prime mortgage market, yet no-one was indicted for their crimes; achieving convictions for the LIBOR fixing fraud is uncertain; and now we have the revelations of $billions in drug money being laundered through HSBC. The monetary and banking system is corrupt and taints everything it touches: politics, media, business and public institutions. Leverage (the ability to multiply money) has generated huge rewards for those at the top of society and few have the strength of character to resist the temptations on offer.

The principal whistleblower within HSBC couldn’t get a job at Coutts, where there had also been money laundering problems, because he was likely to be effective at uncovering the money laundering.

Meanwhile, Tax Justice Network’s new report reveals £13 trillion being held offshore to evade tax and regulation, largely facilitated by the banks and the City of London.

How can anyone doubt that the system is beyond redemption?
Global banks are the financial services wing of the drug cartels

The way money laundering works is with the collusion of governments. The CIA has been financing terrorism around the globe for years: Iran/Contra rebel scandal under Reagan, setting up and financing Al Qaeda in Afghanistan against the Soviet backed government, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group against Ghaddafi and now the various AQ affiliated factions recruited to overthrow the Assad regime.


The CIA has also been heavily involved in the drugs trade in South America for years:

The UK government dances to America’s tune and has done ever since the Thatcher/Reagan “special relationship”. Consequently, the likelihood of any meaningful change under the current political system is remote at best.

People need to be aware and then they need to get angry. Then we can kick out the corrupt system and take control.



Super-Rich Rabbit Hole: Wealthy stash $21 tn in offshore havens


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