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Corresponding with Humberside Police by Tim Williams.

Humberside Police ketlling the Crawyberry Hill Camp.

Humberside Police ketlling the Crawyberry Hill Camp.

Corresponding with Humberside Police by Tim Williams. Tim was one of the Occupiers at OccupyLSX camp and like many others answered the call to stop Fracking in Balcombe, back in July, and then Barton Moss. This is an Occupier’s Perspective of negotiating with the police. Other Occupiers and Protectors may not hold the same views. We are all individuals concerned with protecting our community and environment. We all hold different views and coming to consensus takes time. Both the frustration of anarchy and democracy. This is how to be human, otherwise we are just a mob following the loudest voice. ~Obi_Live

In response to the outrageous Policing at Crawberry Hill last week I emailed Humberside police, and got a a reply. Here is my response to the key issues.

Thanks for your prompt response to my email. It is important to understand that there are no leaders and every one has a right to act in an autonomous fashion if they choose.I am writing as one individual and not speaking for anyone but I have been protesting against fracking since last July.
(his comments in quotes and my reply follows)

“To me there is an issue on what the protestors understand as “peaceful protest” and causing an obstruction of the highway or aggravated trespass or disrupting a lawful activity.”

According to the EU Human Rights sect 10/11 it is a question of proportionality which means it is admissable under law to inhibit a truck and obstruct a highway if it is part of a protest and that action is seen as proportional. The proportionality of the protests is something that could be negotiated by the police and Protectors before it takes place. In Daneshill it was agreed that there would be a delay of 2 hours in and 2 hours out for each truck.If for example there is a big march in London it is fine that the road gets obstructed for a while. We know that the Judiciary agree with this view point because at Balcombe, Barton Moss and in the High Court virtually all of the cases brought against the Protectors have been thrown out.

”Further to this the Human Rights Act, so often quoted by the protestors, also provides the “Right to Work for any person”. This includes the tanker drivers who are trying to do their daily work but the protestors appear to be ignoring this fact. The police also have a duty to protect the rights of anyone who wants to work. ”

The right to work is not being effected by the `Protectors actions as the drivers still get paid therefore are working.What happened elsewhere is that the haulage companies factored in the delays.Also in Court the Judiciary have judged that the right to protest trumps the right to work as long as the protest is proportional.

”I would be very happy to see a peaceful protest with the only police presence being myself and the other PLOs. I believe that this is something that can be achieved but it will need a change of attitude towards this by the protestors themselves. ‘

There will also need to be a change of attitude from the Police who whilst verbally recognising the right to protest clearly have not realised with what esteem the Judiciary (both Magistrates and High Court) hold this right. The Judiciary understand that if this right gets eroded then democracy in this Land is in jeopardy. The Police need to get up to speed with this, the right to protest is not something to be begrudgingly accepted by the Police but something they need to be protecting from those who seek to diminsh it.

‘I fully understand the argument against Fracking’

Somehow , with respect,I doubt this. In order that the Protectors are treated with proportionately as required by EU HR sect 10/11 it is imperative that gold/silver/bronze, PLOs and other officers really are properly informed as to the process, dangers,history and background of the Fracking process. We would be happy to provide this in the form of a multi media lecture, with ex industry and other credible speakers or in any other form that is appropriate.

Are You Going to Crawberry Hill? – Dei Gratia

Community opposition to Rathlin Energy's fracking site near Beverley, Walkington Heads Rd, Yorkshire, HU17 8RU.

Crawberry Hill Community Protection Camp

For livestream coverage,please follow: http://bambuser.com/channel/tristanwoodwards


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