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Towards a Shared Vision, by Dan Ashman



An argument for the population renewing their commitment towards a shared vision of what we create.

Contained in capitalist culture is the rags to riches story, it subdues criticism and fetishises a manmade value system, “perceived” value. It is easy to observe where this value has been corrupted and does not reflect the value of life. A job held in greater regard than what that job creates or contributes to. Mindless. People told to work when there isn’t the work to go around. A cruelty akin to telling someone to eat when given an empty plate. We are locked on a train track and in the distance we can see where it leads. Every obstacle that impedes wealth accumulation is considered an enemy, even “domestic extremism.” But wealth for who? Economic growth for who? We have to see the anthropological aspect.

What has led us to this point? A partial socialist bubble was created after the second world war to stave off communism and to ensure the retention of rule over a combat-hardened populace who didn’t want to live in poverty. The cultures around cartels that expanded as a result of all the bloodshed remained intact above the law or recourse to justice. The Nuremberg trials were in fact public theatre to symbolise justice not to have justice done. (Look at operation paper-clip.) If it was real then many corporate giants and banking Dynasties would have been dethroned for the part they played in the carnage. Now (and always) the cultures that surround the cartels are engineering a situation where they are determiners of human worth, even life’s value. They assume supply and demand. They are not interested in the actual demand. There is no distinction between cartel interest and government interest (they consider themselves the farmers of people to serve and enrich the cartels).

Cameron declares permanent austerity regardless that his position is temporal, no such declaration would be tolerated in a democracy. But this charade exists within another framework. The Crown. A business that spans the Globe. An empire re-branded and affectionately named as the commonwealth. Hence Ian Duncan Smith (the cabinet are managers of the Crowns UK claimed space) refers to us as “Stock” and the Monarch (personification of the Crown) refers to us as “Subjects”. Of course they are wrong and their claims to rule are paper thin, based on a myth they could never prove beyond reasonable doubt but will enforce with conditioning and prison. They, God’s chosen representatives to carry out his will. So their will becomes law. They claim, through the various manmade traditions/theatrical rituals, power to create the only currency and to enforce rules that reflect their will and imagination. It is nostalgia, and a dependence for their identity, of the people that keeps the powerful in power and prevents us from moving forward towards balance, reason and fairness. Would direct democracy bring us closer? I couldn’t say but it would certainly present an opportunity that currently doesn’t exist.

Agreement of the People. Supported by the Occupy London Real Democracy Working Group.

Daniel Ashman:Fighter or Fool at OccupyLSX Camp.

Interview at the ‘Leicester Mass Sleepout’ event – 25/08/2013

Leicester Fuel Poverty Protest

Agreement of the People. Supported by the Occupy London Real Democracy Working Group.

ATOS NATIONAL DEMO @ Leicester. Wednesday 19th February 2014.

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