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City of London Corporation and investment bank UBS on trial – Occupy London and the Bank of Ideas ready for High Court this Monday


This Monday 19 December looks set to be a big day for Occupy London and the Bank of Ideas as both will be appearing in court. Occupy London will be defending an action brought by the City of London Corporation to prohibit the use of tents at St Paul’s Churchyard. The Bank of Ideas will hear if their application to have an injunction obtained by Sun Street Properties in dubious circumstances set aside is to be granted.

Laura Taylor, a supporter of Occupy London commented: “Since 15 October, Occupy London has changed the political discussion in this country. Inequality, executive pay and tax evasion are now firmly on the political agenda. On Monday we have our day in court. The OccupyLSX camp at St Paul’s is only part of our movement, but it is where we began: its survival cannot be taken for granted. We appeal to all those who care about Occupy to come and support us in any way they can.”

Philip Hill,  a supporter of the Bank of Ideas, said: “The Bank of Ideas is a thriving community centre in an abandoned UBS office office complex – Occupy London and others reclaimed this space in an act of ‘public repossession’ one month ago, so that it could be a space for Hackney based community groups and it is happening. Countless community activists, members of the public, artists, performers, photographers, film makers and journalists have ventured through our doors intrigued and inspired by this social project run entirely by volunteers, a space valuing the trade of skills and ideas over that of monetary gain.”

9am – Solidarity gathering for supporters of Occupy London and the Bank of Ideas
From 9am Monday 19 December, supporters of Occupy London and the Bank of Ideas are invited to join together at Occupy London’s occupation at St Paul’s Churchyard, near the London Stock Exchange to prepare for the days events.

All are welcome to come and show support, bring placards, banners and gusto.

11am – General Assembly at the Royal Courts of Justice
From 11am, supporters of Occupy London and the Bank of Ideas will gather together at the Royal Courts of Justice (Strand, London WC2A 2LL). There will be a General Assembly taking place with occupiers and others speakers discussing the coming events of the day, the causes for which Occupy London and the Bank of Ideas are being brought to court, as well as future plans.

12 midday – City of London Corporation vs. Occupy London case
The earliest time for the beginning of Occupy London Stock Exchange’s hearing in the case that the City of London Corporation has brought against them is 12 midday at the Royal Courts of Justice.  The hearing will be held in front of Mr Justice Lindblom in court 25.

UBS vs. the Bank of Ideas
For the Bank of Ideas, its application for an appeal to have Sun Street Properties’ injunction set aside is due to begin after 2pm at the Royal Courts of Justice. Lord Justice Lloyd will hear the application in court 72.

[1] Royal Courts of Justice Queens Bench Division hearing list for Monday 19 December – http://www.justice.gov.uk/guidance/courts-and-tribunals/courts/hearing-lists/list-queens-bench.htm / Cause list for Monday 19 December – http://www.justice.gov.uk/guidance/courts-and-tribunals/courts/hearing-lists/list-cause-rcj.htm


6 Responses to “City of London Corporation and investment bank UBS on trial – Occupy London and the Bank of Ideas ready for High Court this Monday”

  1. Brave Women of Middle East,

    Hurrendous violence agasint women by Egyptian Military/Riot Police. see video on Daily Mail today. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2075683/The-brave-women-Middle-East-Female-protesters-brutally-beaten-metal-poles-vicious-soldiers-drag-girls-streets-hair-day-shame.html
    Egyptian should lean from City of London, instead of using steel poles to beat the protesters who are camping out side the Cabinet Office, City of London uses the Judiciary to hammer the protesters camping outside St Paul’s. Surely the Egyptian judges must be in the pocket of their brutal government? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2075683/The-brave-women-Middle-East-Female-protesters-brutally-beaten-metal-poles-vicious-soldiers-drag-girls-streets-hair-day-shame.html

  2. i wish i could come and be with you guys on such an important day the bank of ideas is a brilliant community project and i would hate to see them shut down love and solidarity to you all

  3. Stay strong London! Best of luck tomorrow, you have many friends and your cause is just. If it comes to the worst, don’t let this be the end. From Day 1 this movement has been evolving and if it comes to it you will find other ways. You and all the other Occupations in the UK and the world have started something far too big for it to just end now.


    Standing Stone
    Occupy Bath (one individual)

  4. Good luck folks – are you using the folk moot defence. We are still here in Lancaster town centre, 3 weeks now and very dynamic. Very wet cold and a change to a more sustainable site soon but still doing great. Not sure if you here as much about your camp as we do about yours – don’t get media interest this far north.

  5. Keep up the fantastic work and all the best from the Channel Islands. We have just been illegally discriminated against by Cameron with the VAT threshold being removed from items under £15 imported to UK from the Channel Islands. This will mean probably around 1200 job losses in these islands. Strange therefore that USA, Swiss, Chinese etc. imports are still able to import into the UK without VAT being added! Destroy your own people but keep the big corporations going safe from harm!

    And why did the banks tell Cameron to opt out of closer financial integration last week; that would have been a significant change in the european treaty enabling the British people a referendum on being in the EU. The banks know full well that We the People would vote to be out of this Nazi cabal in a flash. That doesn’t suit the banks’ plan at this moment so your puppet leader continues to protect the financial institutions that have deliberately destabilised the world financial system. Fight on Occupiers, it will take time but the only thing that the families that run the banks are really scared of is the sheer number of bodies that they are up against. 7 Billion People versus 20 million military are not good odds.
    Fight on!!!!

  6. Here are a few facts kept from you and the UK Press.

    There are over 300 Common Director, interlocked, “Virtual” fake, fraud, money laundering Smoke & Mirrors Oil and Gas and Mineral Mining Company cash shells registered on the unaudited, unregulated AIM L.S.E.

    These Companies have NEVER produced One barrel of Oil, or One ounce of any metal and yet many have operated over 10 years, changed their names up to 8 times and recorded in their AIM 26 Documents run with the same small network of Common Directors.

    Their massive losses to the Banks like RBS, ABN AMRO, BARCLAYS, LLOYDS casually explained as “TOXIC DEBT ASSETS”

    Try one of the largest City of London Financial criminal network “Boiler Rooms”
    The now abandoned HQ of the LONRHO Empire, attached to the RITZ.


    They have stolen many £Billions from Private Investors, Financial Institutions and Banks who were sold their “Worthless” bulk shares in return for cash. Fronted by many Conservative and Labour MP’s, Lords, Ladies and Political Grandees who are recorded as Non Executive Directors:

    This address 22 ARLINGTON STREET.LONDON SW1A 1RD is also the business address of ex PM Tony Blair who is an “Advisor” for ZURICH FINANCIAL SERVICES and drinking from the same water cooler as many senior ex SAS Commanders who were operating with Simon Mann, Sir Mark Thatcher, Geoffrey White and Ambassador Frances Dee Cook.
    2 of the directors better remembered for running the “Blood Diamond” Weapon Smuggling, Tory Party funding ORYX NATURAL RESOURCES.

    And you wonder why this Country has been asset stripped.

    LOOK at some of the Politicians lining each others pockets, recorded as Non Exec Directors of these “Virtual” Fake Companies:
    People like:
    Best mate of George Bush, Tony Blair and David Cameron


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