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CIP Challenge: what next for regeneration in Camden?


CIP Challenge: what next for regeneration in Camden?

Hosted by Camden Green Party

Come and discuss the future of regeneration in Camden on 8 August in the Town Hall.

Since 2011 Camden Council has run a programme to sell off land and buildings, build on council land and brownfield sites and, most controversially, redevelop some of its council estates. This is called the Community Investment Programme (CIP).

Freedom of information has revealed what has happened with every scheme in Camden so far and the results are now posted on our CIP Challenge website: http://www.cipchallenge.org.uk/

In the CIP large numbers of private homes (with just 17% new council homes) are being built by the Council and marketed as ‘The Camden Collection’ by Savills. Meanwhile more than 400 council homes are being demolished to make way for these schemes.

The Council is currently reviewing the CIP and putting together options for how to plan, finance and manage future projects. Cabinet members are due to take a decision on this in September.

The options include putting our council homes into a ‘strategic partnership’ with a big developer as they have just decided in Haringey.

We don’t want Camden’s future to be decided without a proper public debate, which is why we have organised this meeting.

Hosted by Green Councillor Sian Berry, this is a non-party meeting to discuss with Camden’s citizens in public what is happening, other good ideas out there (like the Camley Street community plans) and what can and should happen next.

Key facts we have uncovered about the CIP so far:

Over 400 council homes are being demolished and replaced

Only 17% council homes in new housing (minus demolitions)

Average 2 years of delays per project

Schemes are £36 million more profitable than expected

While works take place, nearly 800 years’ worth of residents are being displaced to live in other council homes


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