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Chingford Jobs Fair and Class War Candidate Marina Pepper. Livestream



Last Friday, we were invited to live video stream, Occupier and Class War candidate Marina Pepper, at the Chingford Jobsfair. She planned to confront Iain Duncan Smith in his home turf about his government’s legislation against the poor that have killed over 10,600 disabled people since 2011. Some died due to the stress placed on them after their benefits were slashed, others committed suicide.

We congregated early in the day and managed to get hot drinks and breakfast at a local cafe. The plan was to enter once the Chingford Assembly Hall opened at the 1000hours. We then found that it was by invitation only. Thirty minutes later, we were informed that Iain Duncan Smith MP had already left. I presume he did not want to be confronted by someone who would be better at his job, the demonstrators and the unemployed people who were being forced to turn up to find themselves being false hopes again. The ones who spoke to us, knew that there was nothing there for them, but the threat of sanctions and stopping of their benefits, if they failed to turn up was in the air. One spent £5.00 of his £75.00 weekly benefits for the train fare, so would not be eating that day.

We stayed and spoke to a number of the people who turned up. Unfortunately, if you were over a certain age, then you were too old for apprenticeships. The only real jobs available were Gregg’s Bakery, John Lewis (ran out of leaflets due to popularity) and the Armed Forces (£15,000 starting, with Room and Board).
DWP Letter

Marina waited to speak with the Secretary of the Department of Work and Pensions about his draconian and damaging policies to the nation’s welfare.

Later in the day, Black Triangle read some of the people who have died or took their own lives due to their ATOS assessment. My apologies for the R2D2 noises from my phone, but I was getting alot of notifications.

Job Fair organised by Ian Duncan Smith – Chingford Conservatives Association.

Iain Duncan Smith’s 100 Biggest Failures.
100 ways Iain Duncan- Smith’s Department have made life worse for the sick, poor & disabled.

Double amputee killed himself after benefits slashed, say anguished family


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