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Occupy Barnet meeting 15-01-14

Occupy Barnet Meeting Minutes
Where: Mill Hill Bohemia
When: 7:30pm 15-01-14
6 in attendance.
Agenda and points:
De-Briefs: Mike Freer MP Christmas Carol Action and..
Whittington Hospital Action. – Discussion regarding successes and improvements.
Outreach: Space needed on Occupy London website with time line of actions and links to FB page and email.
Bedroom Tax:[…]

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by Martha Elwell for Varsity

Wednesday 11th December 2013, 00:18 GMT

Students will argue for their right to protest amidst growing mistrust of police and university administrations
Cambridge students will take part in today’s national day of action to protest against police involvement in recent student demonstrations.
The central protest will take place in London,[…]

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The economic system has evolved over centuries to satisfy vested interests which derive their power from it and exercise their will through it. If the value of land and resources was to be shared for the common good, as natural law intended, homelessness would evaporate. The foundations of inequality, conflict and environmental waste were laid[…]

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Correspondence from Mike Freer to Occupiers And Their Response

On 26 Nov 2013, at 15:54, “FREER, Mike” <mike.freer.mp@parliament.uk> wrote:
Mike Freer MP
Conservative Member of Parliament for Finchley & Golders Green
House of Commons
London SW1A 0AA
020 7219 7071 (Westminster) & 020 8445 5875 (Constituency)
Dear Sir,
I write in reference to your protest and encampment at my constituency office.  I have 74,000[…]

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Dan and Lee giving an update about Leicester Community Support Village. A budding Eco-village for those who are suffering from the cuts. Today we started to plan and dig where we are putting the main community geo dome. We have already worked out how with a compost heap will produce hot water.

International Working Group[…]

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Lastet from Balcombe!

Recent Livestream:

Short by You And I Films:
Stay Tuned![…]

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Occupy Buddhist Action – Founding Meeting

Buddhism is a variety of traditions and practices based on the teachings of the “Awakened One” or Buddha. Each tradition emphasises different methods of training the mind with the aim of freeing the individual from suffering. Buddhism is also a rich ethical system that emphasises wisdom, kindness and compassion.
So what would a Buddhist[…]

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The Solution to all Our Problems ;)

This an attempt to take a murky swamp of thoughts and feelings regarding Occupy London and through the use of questions, tease out a simple helpful analysis of the problems and to offer some concrete proposals to deal with them. The questions I asked myself where things like “Whats missing?”, “What needs to be[…]

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Occupy London Campaigns?

“Once a movement no longer clings tenaciously to the ideology of “structurelessness” it will be free to develop those forms of organization best suited to its healthy functioning.”
The Tyranny of Structurelessness

This short collection of thoughts aims to provide a backdrop to further discussions that will lead to much better and more developed ideas[…]

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