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Canon Giles Fraser defends people’s right to protest and addresses crowd before morning service at St Paul’s cathedral
Canon calls on police to leave the occupation at St Paul’s
OccupyLSX: 250 people camp overnight, despite initial police use of force, maintaining a calm and engaging occupation.

Over 250 people camped overnight in the area[…]

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#Occupylsx day 2 – we're here to stay at St Paul's, join us!

#occupylsx has woken up to a beautiful, sunny morning. The Canon Chancellor of St Paul’s came out to welcome us – he said we could stay, but told the police to leave. Amen to that!
There will be a people’s assembly at midday today, where we’ll discuss the future of #occupylsx – this is what[…]

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#OccupyLSX – Occupy London Stock Exchange sets up camp in the City

Occupy London Stock Exchange sets up camp in the City

Between 4000 – 5000 people gather in London’s Square Mile to voice their anger at the social and economic inequality in the UK and beyond
OccupyLSX holds first people’s assembly this afternoon to decide future plans for its occupation
People’s assemblies spring up near St[…]

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#OccupyLSX – Plans for Saturday 15 October

There have been some concerns as to where we will be able to assemble and occupy. We will still be assembling at Midday outside St Pauls Cathedral. If we can take Paternoster, we will. Otherwise, rest assured there are contingency plans in place. We will Occupy London!
Assemble in front of St Pauls Cathedral at[…]

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#OccupyLSX Callout – Be ready to create a better world!

Occupy London Stock Exchange calls supporters to meet 12 noon at St Paul’s Cathedral on Saturday, 15 October
Occupy London Stock Exchange (OccupyLSX) has called on people to meet at 12pm 15th October in front of St Paul’s Cathedral in London for the beginning of a planned peaceful occupation in London’s Square Mile. Occupy LSX[…]

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#OccupyLSX – Let's do this!

Occupy the London Stock Exchange
15th October
St Paul’s Cathedral
The words ‘corporate greed’ ring through the speeches and banners of protests across the globe. After huge bail-outs and in the face of unemployment, privatisation and austerity we still see profits for the rich on the increase. But we are the 99%, and on[…]

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#OccupyLSX Press Release

Phone: +44 – 7428 076610  / 7592 424578                                                                              Email: press@occupylsx.org                                                                                                 general@occupylsx.org
Occupy London Stock Exchange takes it to the City this Saturday
* Londoners set to launch occupation in the heart of the city’s financial centre on Saturday 15th October, as part of a global movement for real democracy
* Supported by UK Uncut, the[…]

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#OccupyLSX First General Assembly

OccupyLSX General Assembly – 9/10/11, Westminster Bridge.

London’s first General Assembly took place on 9th October during UK Uncut’s Block the Bridge, Block the Bill action on Westminster Bridge. The General Assembly is the main decision-making forum for #occupylsx – as it has been for other international occupations, drawing on the model pioneered in Spain[…]

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Welcome to Occupy London!

In America, the occupation of Wall Street is entering it’s third week as people from all over the country join together in resistance of the growing social and economic injustice which grips the country.
It’s time that we too say, enough is enough. Bankers have got off scot-free whilst the people of this country are[…]

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