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The Alternative Trade Mandate Alliance

The Alternative Trade Mandate Alliance
The Alternative Trade Mandate Alliance is an alliance of currently almost 50 organisations, developing an alternative vision of European trade policy that puts people and planet before big business.
The Alternative Trade Mandate
The new 20-page mandate proposes that core principles such as human and labour rights and environmental[…]

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TTIP means trading away better regulation

TTIP means trading away better regulation
Only a deep, structural reform of US chemicals legislation can be the basis of regulatory trans-Atlantic cooperation, writes Baskut Tuncak. Anything less is a stalling tactic.
How weak are US laws for toxic chemicals? Only eleven ingredients are restricted from cosmetics in the US, versus over 1300 in the[…]

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TTIP myths shattered by new GUE/NGL-backed report

08/04/14 Brussels
Original post found on the Confederal Group of the European United Left/Nordic Green Left website.
TTIP myths shattered by new GUE/NGL-backed report
A GUE/NGL commissioned study published today by the Austrian Foundation for Development Research (OFSE) has called into question the alleged benefits of a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Rather, the[…]

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The City, the Banks & the EU – all in it together, by Tom Lines (Economics Working Group)

A few times a year – we don’t know exactly how often – 52 people meet in a room in London. We think they meet in the Guildhall. While most ordinary people know nothing about these meetings, the British government is fully up to speed. The people who attend these meetings work for organizations from[…]

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STOP TTIP Minutes – Meeting – January 20 2014

StopTTIP meeting 20th January 2014 – minutes
By Clive Menzies
1. Effects on NHS – Set up public fora –
Few people in NHS are involved in process. Do they care? Fear is prevalent. Growing awareness of
TTIP in Keep Our NHS Public. Labour promise to reverse privatisation but prohibited under TTIP.
Need more campaigning.[…]

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Romania testing ground for ruthless corporations


Original Post in A World to Win
By Matt Worsdale
17 December 2013
In a sign of what to expect if US corporate interests are allowed free reign in Europe, as outlined by the planned transatlantic trade deal, an alliance of oil giant Chevron and the Romanian state has evicted villagers opposed to exploration[…]

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Original Post in the Corporate Europe Observatory

December 16th 2013

A leaked EU negotiating proposal [1] for the far-reaching free trade agreement with the US reveals the European Commission’s plans to fundamentally change the way regulations to protect consumers, labour and the environment will be adopted in the future. The proposal follows a[…]

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Information kit: US/EU Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

This UK campaign is part of an international campaign to oppose the TTIP
By Linda Kaucher for StopTTIP campaign
This is an information kit to help you understand what TTIP is all about and how to get involved to stop it. There could not be a more important singularly overarching campaign to get involved in.[…]

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By Melanie Strickland  for New Internationalist
Published December 10th 2013
Melanie Strickland is a solicitor and member of Occupy Law UK.

Free trade agreements allow powerful interests to assert their rights ahead of fundamental human rights.

Today, 10 December, has been recognized as Human Rights day since 1950. The day marks the adoption of the[…]

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