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Cat Hill organising meeting 19/04/2014


Cat Hill 18042014 Petra Rákóczi

The Save Cat Hill Protection Site have had their first organising meeting.

Occupy Granny Power!!! The cat hill blockade camp is growing, join us!
Cat Hill Protest
Occupy Barnet
Green Generation

Cat Hill, Cockfosters (Nearest Station Cockfosters)

Kris – Occupy Mayday reporting at Cat Hill Protection Camp. Day 4.

Cat Hill Protection Camp DTG19042014 Part1

Cat Hill Protection Camp DTG19042014 Part2

Cat Hill Protection Camp DTG19042014 Part3

Cat Hill Protection Camp Occupy Tent

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Save Cat Hill: Why is this important?

In March 2013 in the face of a great deal of opposition from local residents the London Borough of Enfield agreed to allow L&Q Property developers to build 231 dwellings on a heritage site in Cockfosters, North London. Housing that will not be affordable to most of those living in London.

This site is 10 acres of Ancient Woodland containing Ancient Oaks and other trees hundreds of years old. It is also home to two European protected species, 6 species of bats and great crested newts. Other animals including badgers and foxes also make their home here. There are stag beetles, hedgehogs, water fowl, butterflies (one of which is on the endangered list), there is protected flora. There are two ponds, both of which are mentioned in the Domesday Book, and a Roman well.

The planning consultation was flawed but we did not have the money to take on such large corporations in the High Court. Now, despite conditions being placed on the developer, they are already felling trees and planning demolition of the existing buildings next week.

Natural England placed a condition on them when they granted the licenses for the bats and newts that NO work could be undertaken until a rigorous search of the site was undertaken between March and May.

The developer and Enfield Council are clearly circumnavigating this condition and doing as they please. Enfield Council and Natural England MUST enforce these conditions.

#savecathill #waveofaction #frackoff

Save Cat Hill Save our Ancient woodland from evil destruction JOIN IN! Anytime you like...but especially at 3pm Saturdays

Campaigners against the housing development at Cat Hill have blocked lorries from entering the site

Don’t forget the newts: Opponents of Cat Hill housing scale up battle

Who is telling the truth at Cat Hill?

Eco-warriors join protest against Cat Hill housing


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