Capitalism’s Last Christmas


Activists around Europe to host ‘Capitalism’s Last Christmas Carol Tour’

Meet for the London Tour at 3pm, Tuesday 18 December, at Liverpool Street Station.

On Tuesday 18 December, Berlin, London and Madrid will see coordinated anti-austerity actions in the form of subverted Christmas carols. Activists associated with the Occupy movement in Britain and Germany, and the 15M movement in Spain, will bring their message to bonus-rich bankers and Christmas shoppers in the form of lyrics such as “silent debt, holy debt, all is owed, all is wrecked”. The event marks the beginning of a Europe-wide series of actions that will reject the paying of debts created by bankers and oppose austerity as a justification for privatisation and increased profits for the few.

London’s message is: If this is not Capitalism’s last Christmas then it might be the National Health Service’s last one!

Anna Davids comments: “The City of London is at the heart of many injustices: its institutions are key to financial speculation that is causing suffering around the world – not to speak about tax evasion and bank bail-outs that have left such holes in the budget in Britain that our public services are being destroyed. We will take our singing message to the bailed-out bankers, privatisation profiteers, tax dodgers, engines of austerity, the temples of usury – the usual suspects.”

In Berlin and Madrid, the activists anti-austerity message focuses on the crisis in the Eurozone. The German songs, such as “All I want for Christmas is my own Euro-army”, criticise Greece’s bail-out terms and the German bankers’ interests which Chancellor Merkel is imposing on the rest of the Eurozone. In Madrid, the focus is largely on the recently bailed-out Bankia. Evictions of people in mortgage arrears have led to several suicides in Spain this year.These actions will highlight how the financial and political elites bringing ruin to Europe are interconnected – and that the people opposing austerity policies can connect, too. We’re all in this together – except the bankers and private health care providers, for whom austerity means notunemployment and evictions, but Christmas every day.

Meeting points:

3pm Liverpool Street Station (exit to Bishopgate)

5pm Bank of England (Royal Exchange)

5.30pm London Stock Exchange

6pm Steps of St.Paul’s Cathedral


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