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Camden Mothership Campaigners Hope for Christmas Dinner in the Housing Office



Housing Campaigners Hope for Christmas Dinner in the Housing Office


Can Mike Cooke- Save Christmas?

Housing Campaigners Hope for Christmas Dinner in the Housing Office

Although there is overwhelming support from the public and negotiations have been ongoing for the last fortnight, Camden Council has commenced legal proceedings to take the Mothership Group to court on Friday 27th November at 10am in the County Court of the Royal Courts of Justice, The Strand, London WC2A 2LL.

“With such widespread support from councillors and local residents groups, we are surprised and disappointed that we have yet to secure a meanwhile lease for this project. Then again, we have recently learnt that several local resident groups including the Neighbourhood Development Forum previously approached Camden Council requesting community or office use, and were ‘rejected and stonewalled,” said Phoenix, Mothership representative.

Recent visitors to the Mothership Project include Neil Fletcher, ex-deputy Leader of Camden Council and councillors: Flick Rea, Lorna Russell, and Angela Pober.

Sian Berry, Green councillor, had this to say on her blog: “I think legal action is premature and the council should talk to the people inside, who are prepared to leave voluntarily if they can hand the building over to the community rather than just be shut up again.´´

“Mike Cooke’s office, Chief Executive of Camden Council, contacted us asking: ‘What do we want?’ We replied with the e-mail attached below.

We have requested that we be allowed to cook Christmas dinner for the local community, including the homeless and elderly – those left alone at Christmas.

We are still hoping that a last-minute agreement can be reached; for Camden Council to lead the way and pioneer the reuse of empty buildings to create self-funded community projects.”

This effort by Camden Mothership is part of a national campaign to end homelessness by Christmas.

Participants are urging Camden and other local councils across the country to follow Manchester council´s groundbreaking lead and open up their empty council buildings. Petitions have been raised for councils in Cardiff, Poole, Dorset, Brighton and Bristol to open up their properties to community use.

The Camden Mothership Project would like to hear from any property owner who would like to grant us a meanwhile lease and see their vacant building transformed into a vibrant community centre.

As new figures reveal that homelessness in the capital has soared by 38%, Camden Council persist in spending taxpayers money on an unnecessary court case – when mediation and negotiation have been actively sought by the housing activists occupying the Camden Housing office at West End Lane.

For additional information please contact:
Pete Phoenix, Community Consultant: 07769 791387



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