Callout for Occupy Democracy this weekend – part 1


It’s Occupy Democracy this coming weekend, 14-15 February!

Occupy Love on Valentine’s day… and join Occupy Democracy mourning what some see as the death of democracy in the UK. Can we turn this around and bring about the shifts needed to bring in a real, robust democracy where all our voices count?

This occupation will focus on equality and representation.

There will also be an Occupy London General Assembly at 7.30pm on Saturday 14th, where we’ll be discussing a proposal for how Occupy London might want to engage with the upcoming election, while avoiding aligning ourselves with any particular parties or politicians.

The proposal is:

In line with its Statement of Autonomy, Occupy London is unable to support  or endorse any established political parties. However with the  forthcoming general election, it is recognised that certain political  parties have policies that are more in line with Occupy’s aims than  others, even though none of them seek the systemic change that Occupy  sees as essential.

Therefore it is proposed that: 

‘In the run-up to the general election, Occupy should highlight those policies in political parties’ manifestos, and statements by individual candidates,  that are in line with our aims, and those which aren’t, with the hope  of giving some assistance to those supporters of Occupy who wish to  exercise their democratic right to vote.’

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Over-policing and erection of fences around Parliament Square during previous Occupy Democracy events saw the statue of Nelson Mandela placed behind bars. One irony amongst many…



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