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Callout for a Solidarity Action – International Day to Defend the Egyptian Revolution


Saturday 12/11/11, 3pm St Paul’s

Occupy London is calling for ‘A tour of shame’ on the 12th of November, starting at St Pauls at 3pm, as it is the International Day to defend the Egyptian Revolution. We will be touring central London, visiting 3 of the 6 Arms Dealers who accompanied David Cameron to Cairo in February, in order to strike an arms deal with the Egyptian Army.

If the mainstream media would have us believe that the Egyptian Revolution has happened and that the freedom of the Egyptian people is being respected, quite the contrary is true.
Egyptian protesters have reported large amounts of deaths and heavy repression against all those criticising the military’s claim to power and disproportionate influence in the new proposed constitutions.
Moreover, since the military junta took power, at least 12 000 have been tried by military courts, unable to call witnesses and without access to lawyers. Minors are serving in adult prisons , deaths sentences are being handed down, torture runs rampant. Women demonstrators have been subjected to sexual assault in the form of ‘virginity tests’ by the army. Last sunday, on the 31/10, blogger Alaa Abd El Fattah was imprisoned on trumped up charges and will be sending an unforeseeable time in a cell.

The arms companies we will be visiting and shaming are in bed with Cameron in order to profit from the ongoing repression and murders happening right now in Egypt. These companies are also the ones providing the tools of repression for all the solidarity and protest movements around the world.
Occupy London wants structural change towards authentic global equality. The world’s resources must STOP going to the military. Wars and arms dealing have no part in a sustainable, equal and democratic global system.

We stand in solidarity with the global oppressed and and we call for an end to the actions of our government and others causing this oppression.
The arab people have since this winter been an incredible inspiration to resistance movements all over the world. We stand in solidarity with our Egyptian sisters and brothers and we:

We urge the UK government to withhold all support to the Egyptian military until power has been handed over to a civilian government and cease participating in arms deals in the region.

Condemn the Egyptian military’s massacre at Maspero and all the military and police violence against peaceful protesters and demand impartial investigations into all these cases.

Demand an end to military trials in Egypt and all intimidation of activists.

Demand the immediate release of all political prisoners and detainees and for any trials to be before civilian courts with fair representation.

Demand immediate lifting of state of emergency in place since 1981 and the guarantee of the right to protest and strike.

Cameron, BAE, Rolls Royce, Qinetiq and all, you might be able to airbrush your propaganda but you can’t wash the blood off your hands.

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29 Responses to “Callout for a Solidarity Action – International Day to Defend the Egyptian Revolution”

  1. What the hell does this have to do with the London Stock Exchange? As usual, the Canvas Corps are diluting their mission and objectives.

    I’m not arguing with you about the Egyptian Evolution, I am arguing that this is not connected to what Occupy London was originally all about.

    • The Occupy London Stock Exchange is part of the global Occupy Movement, and we stand beside our brothers and sisters in the movement elsewhere in the world. We are all the 99%. It’s not just about the London Stock Exchange. This may not be what Occupy London Stock Exchange is just about, but it is what Occupy London, as part of Occupy Britain, is all about. As part of Occupy London, Occupy London Stock Exchange supports the bigger issues as well as the smaller issues as well.

    • This is what its about..global oppression by 1% who leach from the people and who use fear tactics to control.
      The world is watching! Occupy is worldwide and people are waking up to the truth.
      Let the truth be told, no matter how scary it is!

      • This is exactly what all the Occupy! groups all over the world should be doing.

        With the Tahrir Square protesters, who are seeing the reforms for which they protested (and some died), being ignored by the military.

        If we were as successful as raising consciousness of the scale and control exercised by the global plutocracy as the Tahrir Square supporters initially were in getting riid of Mubarak, we’d be getting somewhere. It’s up to us to think through what needs to be done to neutralise the plutocrats.


  2. Hey, Egyptian protesters sent a call out to all occupy/decolonise movements around the world to organise actions locally. They themselves marched on the American Embassy after what happened in Oakland. Time to start thinking outside of the Global North box. Check out the notomilitarytrials website for more info.

  3. The occupation of Tahrir Square was a large inspiration for the worldwide Occupy movement.

    The biggest danger of the economic crisis is nationalism. International solidarity with the 1 percent in Egypt will cut across this.

  4. The whole world is watching. NO MORE PROFITS OF WAR.

    British companies are making a profit out of war in Libya too. A conference is being held in London on 14th November. What a disgrace.


    • Yeah, what a disgrace….! Crazy that British companies should try to help rebuild Libya! (For those “Trolls” living in the tents, that is sarcasm!)

      Maybe you lot (the 1% of nutters) should go out to Libya youselves so that you can tell the Libyan people to f*** off right to their faces! Also, I think that’s a better place for you to pitch you tents too… Perhaps you can stay there, although I doubt you will – I think there’s a lack of trees to hug in the dessert.

      • oh yeah… those companies… they’re trying to help the Libyan people. Of course, companies everywhere care about people, not profit. Silly me, everywhere I looked I thought I saw businesses exploiting, oppressing, and ignoring the needs of people to make profit, but you’ve enlightened me, they were just trying to help! (That’s sarcasm for those who try to ignore how businesses work.)

        • Companies are not charities. They provide products and services for a price. There is nothing wrong with that. If I wanted to buy your tent would you just give it to me for free?

          • “[Companies] provide products and services for a price. There is nothing wrong with that.”

            If only things were that simple – but they’re not. You’re overlooking the hidden costs.

            Companies have great power to control their employees working conditions, to manage and use the worlds resources, and to influence people and organisations in their favour using the financial clout they have acquired.

            This is a lot of power in the hands of undemocratic bodies that only serve their own self-interests, which often conflicts with those of humanity in general.

            Examples include: damaging the biosphere, exploiting vulnerable workers, and lobbying for these things to be legal and socially acceptable.

      • Libya ‘needs’ re-building because NATO bombed the hell out of it. Before Nato went in Libya had a very high standard of living and no national debt.
        If you don’t believe me do your own research, and check out Gadaffis ‘Green Book’ whilst you’re there.
        NATO destroyed Libya’s infrastructure and now companies in the UK, US and France and going in to re-build FOR PROFIT.
        Here is a section from wiki:
        “Libya enjoys large natural resources,[49] which Gaddafi utilized to help develop the country. Under Gaddafi’s Jamahiriya “direct democracy” state,[47] the country’s literacy rate rose from 10% to 90%, life expectancy rose from 57 to 77 years, equal rights were established for women and black people, employment opportunities were established for migrant workers, and welfare systems were introduced that allowed access to free education, free healthcare, and financial assistance for housing.[50] In addition, financial support was provided for university scholarships and employment programs.[51] Gaddafi also initiated development of the Great Manmade River,[50] in order to allow free access to fresh water across large parts of the country.[50] The country was developed without taking any foreign loans, and, as a result, Libya was debt-free.[14]”

        • Had not heard this version of Libya before, enlightening.

          I had been hoping the Libyan people would not get sucked in to being indebted to western world of corporations, seems inevitable tho.

          Gaddafi obviously to me to put it mildly ‘lost the plot’ at various times, but he should not of allowed himself to become a dictator, shame because if he achieved what you say then that has to be the silver lining in the cloud he became surrounded in.

        • Stephanie,

          This is the maddest thing that I have heard come from OLSX and I’ve heard some mad things. You’re defending Colonel Ghaddafi after he massacred 10s of thousands, sponsored worldwide terrorism including lockerbie and the death of Yvon Fletcher. He either massacred or imprisoned anyone who opposed him and threatened a genocide in Benghazi saying that he would hunt down the cities rats (opposition) house by house. If he was in charge of the UK then everyone supporting OLSX would be dead or incarcerated and this forum would not exist. The mere hint of anti-Ghaddafi views would be met with swift punishment.

          Is your hatred of defence companies and the government so much or your love of Ghaddafi’s pseudo-socialist ideology so great that it would blind you to the consequences of the man?

          Or actually, if your stats are true (which they are not) then perhaps you support dictatorship as a fair and effective way to run a country. Perhaps OLSX should launch a coup and install a Camping Colonel to power.

          Or perhaps you are just ill informed and commenting on things you know nothing about. Save your fire for the issues that OLSX stands for and stop taking pot shots at everything that moves. Your ignorance does your cause no good.

          • Well, we had Captain Canvas, perhaps Colonel Canvas is more appropriate to lead the Canvas Corps.

          • I am not defending Gaddafi. In my humble opinion, I’m against any country making a profit out of war. I am allowed to have one opinion without another.
            What I wrote above is fact, do some research!!!
            Russia today has just broadcast a piece interviewing various experts on Libya. Interestingly, The UK, France and America spent 1/2 a billion on the WAR in Libya. The same countries are set to make 300 billion in profit by re-building Libya. So you think thats right?
            Shame on you.

          • Some facts for you about the profits of war:




            Educate yourselves!

  5. Suggestion for next global action: Join with Syrians to shame countries providing arms to Assad regime.

  6. Dill Doe
    Is that the best you can come up with …… oh dear !

  7. This about corrupt behaviours. Cameron, as other Prime Ministers, have used the arms industry to assist “friendly” governments to suppress their people to keep the 1% in Power.
    Also, the City and the Banks, who provide finance to the Conservative Party, profits from all the arms trade. Win Win for the 1%.This is why we need to be in solidarity and support the 99% in other countries. For me this our campaign should support all groups who are fighting corruption everywhere.

    • Remember the non existent weapons of mass destruction. Remember David Kelly.

  8. Hello Friends, I’m back! Have to admit that I was almost gaining some respect for you all. The fact that yesterday’s protest appeared to pass without the vandalism and violence of previous demos, was a credit to both the police, and the organisers of the demo, although I do know for sure, that some were disappointed!

    However, this message about Egypt, is very much a case of trying to run before you can walk. You have to realise that a very large proportion of the UK population do not support you, sorry, but that’s fact. You need to win these people (including me) over, before you can start making the kind of demands that you’re making here.

    Now, I’ll just go stand over there, by that wall, so you can get the firing squad out to execute me!!

    • Jock Strap, you’re right, the “movement” is definitely the 1% – most people do not support the Occupy movements.

      Unfortunately however the supporters simply keep saying that the other 99% are “asleep” and haven’t woken up to “what is really going on”.

      People who don’t support the campers get labeled as “trolls” – to be honest, it’s quite entertaining as nothing will change. There has always been a minority group campaigning for this that and the next thing, believing that somehow they would do a better job. Rather than going into politics though, they prefer to sit around in tents as, apparently, that will be more effective. I don’t think it’s us that need to wake up, it’s the Canvas Corp.

      • D-D, with you 100%. Sad really, but these people are so far removed from reality, I can’t help feeling sorry for them! They mean well, but they don’t understand what’s happening in the real world, bless them!!

        • The Occupy Movement is Peaceful. We do not condone violence – this is why we getting stronger by the day.

          Some real facts for you. The Occupy Movement has inspired action in 1,500 cities around the world. TV commercials are airing on mainstream media outlets in America, even Fox News, spreading Occupy’s message that the political and economic system is rigged in favour of the 1%. Opinion polls in the US indicate a sizeable majority of Americans agree with this analysis.
          A poll in yesterdays NY Times states “A recent New York Times/CBS News poll found that almost half of the public thinks the sentiments at the root of the movement generally reflect the views of most Americans.”
          Wake up!!!

          • Stephanie,

            If I set my tent up outside Wormwood scrubs and protested against murder then I’m sure that 99% of the public would agree that the sentiments at the root ofmye movement generally reflect the views of most Britons. However, it does not mean that I would be right to do so or that I would achieve anything

          • “The Occupy Movement is Peaceful. We do not condone violence – this is why we getting stronger by the day.”

            Do you condemn the violence of Egyptian protesters to maintain the occupation of Tahrir Square, or do you act in solidarity with it?

        • JD and DD my old muckers,

          Ever heard the expression ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’

          suits you 2 well I think, (you pair of secret believers you)

  9. DD you’re not a troll – more what is usually called a sockpuppet, I hope you’re at least aware enough to feel the hand working your mouth.

    If someone wasn’t scared you wouldn’t be here trying to rubbish the Occupy… movement, and with the same script repeated across acres of forums – can you at least ask for your sockie gang boss for some new lines? It’s like looking at a channel listing on Dave.


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