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Call for designers: The Occupied Times Poster Edition

The Occupied Times of London is calling for members of the 99 per cent to contribute to two special poster editions commemorating some of the best Occupy-inspired artwork.
The first poster issue will be published before the end of the month featuring artwork sent to the newspaper since it began, with a second planned for mid-February.

One of the graphic designers responsible The Occupied Times’ unique look, Tzortzis Rallis, said, “Sometimes images can say as much as words. There is a strong history of politically motivated design, and Occupy has inspired some great subversive artworks.”

There are still a few spaces left for submissions in the first issue, with the deadline for pieces to be considered on the 19th of January. So be quick!

Artwork Details: 

Image area: 350mm x 548mm
Portrait Format
Four colour or B/W

3 Responses to “Call for designers: The Occupied Times Poster Edition”

  1. I would like to enter an artwork erected at occupy london st.pauls on dec. 24 midnight .how do I do this.thanks

  2. Hello,

    Is this the deadline for the planned second issue poster also?



  3. Hi, I have some Occupy Artwork which you might wish to consider for the mid-Feb edition. How do I submit them?
    Peace & love,


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