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Burn Parliament Burn with Artist Taxi Driver, Livestream



ChunkyMark, the Artist Taxi Driver, decided on an event to bring politics back to the people by holding an event in a pub in Peckham.
We ended up with some criticism from people who complained that they wanted a drink and to watch football. Not shouting about revolution.
The state of politics in this country that an editor, from Newsnight, who was drinking tweeted that she had to leave along with another five tables of people. Another shouted that teachers receive five months holiday per year and we have no idea where he got those figures.

We did agree that it was a good way to spend a Sunday evening. Drinks, Pizza and Politics.

ChunkyMark – Artist Taxi Driver.

Paula Peters – DPAC (Disabled People Against Cuts)

Musical Interlude

Mark talking about the Burn Parliament Burn. One in the audience claiming that teachers get five months holiday per year. “UKIP are not racist. Racists just vote for them and the leader is racist”.

Julie and Tim from Occupy London talking about Parliament Square, Right to Protest, and TTIP.


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