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Bromley Bedroom Tax Petition by Paula Peters

Bromley Bedroom Tax Petition by Paula Peters

Bromley Bedroom Tax Petition by Paula Peters

Bromley Bedroom Tax Petition by Paula Peters

Unanimous vote from the Bromley Tories. NO.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the 635 residents of Bromley who signed my local bedroom tax petition, and I have since collected more signatures as more every day want to sign the petition. Last night, Councillors lost tempers and called one another hypocrites from both sides of the chamber. Finger pointing, blame game, anger was high. I lost the vote as the conservatives went with no action to be taken on my petition, but I promise this, I will not give up, and I will keep fighting.

To alexia michael. who said on my friends suicide last year and i bought up the cuts to benefits and council services and community mental health services, “well, that was his choice, you cannot hold the council responsible for that, my friend Colin Ms Michael, could see no way out, lost all his benefits, was starving, and cuts to mental health funding, had a direct impact when he needed support and could not get access to support, all of which contributed to his death. She said “its not the council’s responsibility or this government’s responsibility for the decisions we make that people are dying, if people die they die.

These cuts are having a devastating impact on people’s lives and there is a horrendous cost being paid, people are starving out there, dying, feeling desperate yes Ms Michael, I hold the council and this Government responsible, because of the decisions you are making, they are having a devastating impact on people’s lives. We are human beings, and Ms Michel as i said on video last night, I will keep fighting and keep getting the truth out there, and I will get justice for my friend Colin. By everything inside of me I will get justice for him, and for all my friends and everyone who are no longer with us due to these ideological unjust, callous and cruel policies I will keep fighting for justice, for fairness and equality because it is the right thing to do.

Sorry I can’t say anymore, one councillor disrespecting my friends death and the dreadful circumstances in which he died, and all my friends who are no longer here, all 18 of them due to benefit cuts and cuts to services has opened up a lot for me at the moment.

Take care all. xxx


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