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big6 RipOff

Bring Down the Big Six: Fuel Poverty Kills!

Hundreds of people marched from bank in London to besiege the offices if Npower, one of the big 6 energy companies that has been profiteering at the cost of thousands of lives each year. Today the government announced a massive increase in the number of so called quote excess winter deaths, 29% increase to 31,000. Outside Npower people said they would not accept dying of cold or hunger in one of the richest countries in the world (5th world’s largest economy). At the same time Npower has announced further cuts to the tiny investment being made in renewable energy which us the only hope for bringing down bills and maintaining a climate that supports life on earth. This protest was one of several around the country including Oxford and Bristol where people were determined to bring down the big 6. Energy is far too important to b left in the hands of corporate robbers. Groups represented included Fuel Poverty Action, UKuncut, DPAC, Greater London Pensioners Assoc., plus Occupy. Single Mothers Self Defense, Winvisible, RMT, Unite, Lewes Against Cuts, and many individuals who are furious at the death toll and at their own bills. ~Ali Pgirl

Outside the Royal Exchange, by Bank Station, to march to NPower offices together

Join Fuel Poverty Action, UK Uncut, the Greater London Pensioners’ Association and Disabled People Against Cuts for an outrageous, creative and inclusive protest against fuel poverty deaths on November 26th at 11.30am in Central London.

We’re meeting outside the Royal Exchange, by Bank Station at 11.30. We will then march, together, to our Big Six target.

If you have any mobility needs, would like support on the day, would like a buddy, please do get in touch: fuelpovertyaction@gmail.com

On November 26th, the number of people who died last winter from cold homes will be announced. But we won’t stand for any more unnecessary deaths caused by price-hiking, polluting, profiteering, tax avoiding energy companies. So join us as we take to the streets in central London to target one of the main energy robbers driving fuel poverty.

As the Big Six energy companies hike up prices we are told the only answer is to put on a jumper, leaving millions of us to choose between heating and eating. While the energy companies spread the lie that ‘green taxes’ are to blame, we know that the real problem is the privatisation of our energy for profit and the skyrocketing cost of dirty fossil fuels.

So bring your kids, neighbours, grandparents, your warmest jumper and your latest energy bill — and come join the fightback for the alternatives: warm, insulated homes and clean, affordable energy. It’s time to bring down the Big Six and put power back in people’s hands.

See you on the streets.

>> Keep up to date with the latest on the action, including the secret location by keeping your eyes peeled on Facebook and by following @fuelpovaction and @ukuncut on Twitter.

>> If you’re a grassroots organisation and would like to add your name in support of the action please email: fuelpovertyaction@gmail.com.

Lewes Against the Cuts, No Dash for Gas,Frack Off London, Power For The People , Barnet Alliance for Public Services, Climate Revolution, Southwest Against Nuclear and Young Friends of the Earth have just pledged their support- what about your group?

Don’t live in London? Check out the other ‘Bring Down the Big Six’ actions that have been announced:

Oxford action: https://www.facebook.com/events/1415841395313806/?ref=3&ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular
Lewes, Sussex action: https://www.facebook.com/events/219705358210410/?ref=3&ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular


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  1. I’ve just suffered watching Panorama. Energy Bills: Power Failure. Glutton for punishment. The BBC decided to interview a preponderance of corporatists. Good to see a couple of protectors Tim and Frances being asked about their idea about Fracking, albeit briefly compared to the iGas CEO who lied about contamination on the ground water. It was not mentioned that the pipes they are laying will ALL leak and contaminate the soil and poison the water supply.
    Donnachan pointed out that the Green Deal is about as logical as a square wheel.
    Ed Millibland wants to freeze energy prices till 2017. An energy analyst claims that foreign investors are thinking of pulling out as their profits are threatened. A couple of the Energy Six CEO’s, the parasites on the neck of the British populace also claim that their profits are threatened.
    This show is another case of censoring information, and stifling debate, as no one was allowed to mention re-nationalisation of the Energy grid. After WW2, Britain nationalised the energy industry as the corporations could not afford to rebuild. They are now claiming the same, so a wonderful opportunity. Get rid of the corporations and re-nationalise. Then energy prices can be controlled.


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