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Boot out Boris: Occupy London event outside Conservative Future’s ‘Back Boris Student Bootcamp’


Conservative Future will hold their ‘Back Boris Student Bootcamp’ today, with Tory Mayor of London Boris Johnson, telling students how they can support his bid for re-election in May.

Occupy London’s ‘Boot Out Boris’ peaceful protest will take place outside the event today from 5pm-6.30pm. Protesters will assemble outside the main entrance of King’s College London – Strand Campus, WC2R 2LS. Facebook event here.

Occupy London questions why any young people would support Boris Johnson, whether for next year’s mayoral bid or for any government position come the next general election.

Youth unemployment has rocketed above one million, EMA has been abolished, tuition fees are soaring and even more attacks are on the way. Rather than siding with students, Boris Johnson welcomed as “unambiguously good news” the new private College for the Humanities in London charging £18,000-a-year fees.

Whilst being silent on the Tory attacks on students, he was not silent on defending the rich by calling for the 50p tax rate on those earning over £150,000 to be scrapped and warning politicians not to engage in rhetoric over bankers’ bonuses. As Mayor, bankers are the group with whom Boris has met the most.

Whilst hiking public transport fares, Tory Boris Johnson took tens of millions out of London’s transport budget by scrapping a £25 congestion charge on “gas guzzler” 4x4s.

Emma Stanton, student and supporter of Occupy London said: “Boris Johnson is the Mayor of the 1%, the privileged few. This bootcamp is an attempt to prettify and legitimise the brutal Tory agenda, which has having a devastating impact upon students and young Londoners. By pricing Londoners out of education, the Tories are taking away not only the opportunities and ability of an entire generation, but they are dealing a severe blow to the economy which grows with an educated workforce.”

“We must make our voices heard against the Tory Mayor and the Tory party who do not represent the lived experience of the vast majority of Londoners.”


2 Responses to “Boot out Boris: Occupy London event outside Conservative Future’s ‘Back Boris Student Bootcamp’”

  1. Boris has been promoting the idea that if we don’t let the bankers loot our monies, they will simply move to another country – well, this maybe not quite the case, the Bankers know that occupy movement is now in many countries, in the bankers paradise Hong Kong, Occupy Hong Kong occupied HSBC headquarter plenty footages on youtube, here is one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myDfEj66Q6U&feature=related

  2. @Kai Childheart Eton toff Johnson not part of the 1%?? .. seriously .. you having a laugh?


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