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Beware the march of the DORGs, Vote for Progress.


Beware the march of the DORGs.

DORG. It stands for Devolutionary Regressor. I’ve had to come up with the term because there isn’t a word to describe them but they’re out there, you know it, and they’re on the march. Their belief, in short, is that we as a society need to regress. They believe it’s gone too far and that it’s better if we reverse. So rather than evolve as a society we devolve, as defined here by Webster, to gradually go from an advanced state to a less advanced state, in this context from an advanced society to a less advanced society. Personally I believe in progress but, in the face of such people who stand on the coat tails of humanity, progress is difficult.

I met someone who had been indoctrinated in the arguments. Where this happens I don’t know but sure enough it went along the lines of there being two types of people, those who want to progress and those who want to regress…and that supposedly ‘many people’ believe it is better to regress. Who these people were that this disciple was referring to, I don’t know. However, one only has to observe the political landscape or read the right wing media for but a second and it is abundantly clear that this religion appears to be growing its followers.

I wonder of course if the Dorgs have thought through the implications of societal regression. It is likely that such a society, as it was before, becomes less tolerant, more divided, more chauvinist, more racist, more xenophobic, more homophobic, more polarised, less equal socio-economically, less compassionate, totally privatised, less healthy, more environmentally damaging, more controlled, more tribal, more prone to war and more violent. Violence to others, for example, might start to be seen as acceptable. Violence to women might be seen as excusable. Remember marital rape was only criminalised in this country in 1991. Perhaps abuse to children will be, I dunno, swept under the carpet. One Dorg (Barbara Hewson, a barrister at Hardwicke chambers) recently wanted to reduce the age of consent to 13 to make it legal! As I said, the Dorgs tend not to understand the implications of going back in time or perhaps they do and think it’s how it should be. You can almost hear their muttering about bringing back the death penalty.

Society is also likely to be less democratic. I say ‘less’ democratic but essentially if the Dorg’s have their way we’re talking the level of democracy associated with feudalism. This change in dynamics is likely to lead to protest which of course will be illegal and swiftly put down. Why do you think Boris Johnson has ordered three water canon trucks, if not to enforce his money backed totalitarianism.

I thought it useful to suggest a name for them. Beware of the march of the Dorgs. Vote for progress.


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