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Barton Moss up for Observer Ethical Awards.


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Barton Moss up for Observer Ethical Awards. by Vanessa Vine.

On hearing a few days ago while on the road (well, on top of a cliff) in Wales that I’d been shortlisted for the Observer Ethical Campaigner of the Year award, I felt honoured by and grateful for the acknowledgment.

I’d been delighted a couple of days before that to learn that Barton Moss Community Protection Camp and our indomitably glorious Nanarchist, Anne Power had been nominated for Awards but I didn’t know which ones. The camp and its stalwart protector beauties have been utterly crucial these last few months and Anne’s phenomenal presence, strength, fortitude, inspiration, searing honesty, love and gritty humour in the face of police nonsense is worthy of every commendation going. My full respect has always gone to her, she is an absolute delight and a veritable shot in the arm… and it is now excruciating to discover that we’ve been put up against each other in the Campaigner of the Year category and that Anne and the Camp are both nominated for Local Hero …Aarrgh!!!!

Folk are suggesting voting for Anne for “Local Hero” and me for “Campaigner of the Year” .. but that leaves out the Protection Camp!

What matters is that the spectre of unconventional fossil fuels receives a critical mass of publicity and that enough people are empowered to realise that we can turn this around .. but this will split the frack free campaigner vote and I am screaming inwardly about it!! ~ Vanessa Vine.


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