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Banks Threaten to Leave Scotland.


Banks Threaten to Leave Scotland

Banks Threaten to Leave Scotland

Banks Threaten to Leave Scotland from an Occupier’s Perspective.

So the banks are threatening to leave Scotland. I guess we knew this was coming and no surprise I suppose that they left it until now to play their hand. The message is clear, vote my way or it’s the highway. Oh perhaps it’s more a question of I’ll take the high road and I’ll take the low road, and you’ll have no future afore ye.

And people wonder about democracy in the modern age….

Banks don’t like anyone messing with their turf. A few years ago the government talked about increased banking regulation in the UK. You may have missed it, it was just a small piece somewhere in a broadsheet, a few paras talking about how Prudential would leave the UK if tough new regulations were brought in. It may have been soft but you could hear the sabre rattling. Suffice to say, tough new regulations weren’t very tough in spite of subsequent banker bleating.

EDF played the same trick a few years ago when the government was busy appointing a new energy tzar. Whatever happened to him? It could have been missed but to paraphrase the quotes in the paper from EDF were, “either you let us charge whatever we want or we will starve your country of energy.”

There’s a lot of talk about the TTIP at the moment. One should be concerned because if blackmail wasn’t enough this new trade agreement will allow corporations to sue governments if they wish to act in the best interests of their people. Oh how Lincoln must be turning.

People with agenda still denigrate and demonize Occupy and in fact all those that question the workings of the current economic system. They will turn a blind eye to it’s obvious failings, the tendancy towards a new global scale of unassailable monopoly made possible by financial wizardry that bears no relationship to real asset value or in fact any reality at all. They will ignore what this brings, supply driven inflation, proliferation of debt, political influence and corruption, a corrosion of democracy, an increase in socio-economic inequality, a new underclass, societal division and disharmony.

It doesn’t pay to question, a realisation that many bank employees in Scotland woke up to this morning.


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