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#BankofIDEAS: Drugs Peace and Universal Basic Income


The first talk of the evening was by Andria E-Mordaunt: We need alternatives to the war on drugs and war on poor.

An academic, activist and devoted mother, Andria tells about the ‘addicted survivors of the global war on drugs as part of the global war on the poor’

“Harm reduction” is often made an unnecessarily controversial issue as if there was a contradiction between prevention and treatment on one hand and reducing the adverse health and social consequences of drug use on the other. This is a false dichotomy. They are complementary.
Taken From UNODC (2008) Reducing the adverse health and social effects of drug use: A comprehensive approach.

Universal Basic Income

The second talk was by Barbara from Basic Income UK: Universal Basic Income, aka Social Dividend or Social Wage.

The 17 minute video explains the Basic Income. Afterwards we turned off the livestream to have a more free time to discuss and plan for the future.

Facebook: Basic Income UK
Website: http://basicincome.org.uk/

Community organisation
238 Gray’s Inn Road WC1X 8HB
Website: http://freeeducationspace.wordpress.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FreeEducationSp


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