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Bank of Ideas vs UBS – total breakdown of fair procedure by UBS; 24hrs stay of execution


The Bank of Ideas was at the High Court today to hear Mr Justice Roth’s verdict on the two separate cases launched by UBS against the arts and community space, the Bank of Ideas. [1]

Mr Justice Roth did not set aside the injunction or the possession order but accepted that the claims made by the Bank of Ideas team about that the way the possession order was obtained: that it was unlawful and represented a total breakdown in fair procedure. The Bank of Ideas have been given 24 hours in which to apply to the Court of Appeal.

Today’s judgement not only gives the Bank of Ideas team some breathing space, it also provides a precedent for how such orders should be given in the future.

The hearing

Representatives of the Bank of Ideas attended a hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice on Monday 5 December, to challenge the injunction against “protest activities” being held at the Bank of Ideas and the possession order issued by UBS.

The hearing went on for over three hours, with the judge deciding to defer his decision for two days. UBS did not seem to be happy about the decision being deferred. When the Judge’s agreement to move his decision from Thursday to Wednesday was challenged, it emerged in court that UBS had already booked a police slot for Tuesday.

The Bank of Ideas were representing themselves, supported by Stephen Knafler QC and the housing barrister David Ranton from Garden Court Chambers, with Owen Green Hall assisting them. Assistance was also provided by Anna More from Bindmans as support to solicitor Paul Ridge.


[1] http://occupylsx.org/?p=1543),




6 Responses to “Bank of Ideas vs UBS – total breakdown of fair procedure by UBS; 24hrs stay of execution”

  1. So, the judge ruled UBS acted outside the rules, yet the orders are still valid? how is this a fair system?

  2. The Banks lawyer seemed to be able to phone judge Proudman at home on 18 November at 9pm to set up a hearing for 9:45 pm to issue eviction order to the occupy movement Banks of Ideas who took over an empty UBS building to open to community groups in Hackney. This conjures up the image of Mr Corleone’s (the God Father’s) lawyer phoning a friendly judge’s home late in the night to do a favor. The Bankers who looted our money are no better than the Mafia . This is access that none of us little people have to the Judiciary. Judge Proundman . she is paid by the tax payers, yet she has shown that the Judiciary is here for the 1% who looted from the tax payers while the little people who can not afford lawyers have to struggle through the Judiciary’s loops and hoops, put there to put off little people who can not afford lawyers to try to access justice as litigant in person. It seems that the Banking mafia has our Judicary in its pocket too.

  3. I can only wish you luck. Relatives visited us today, and they are aware of what you are doing. Keep up the good work. Don’t let the bastards grind you down.

  4. It’s good to see leaders at the front rather than the rear. Well done.

  5. Hello All,
    No big surprise re. Bank Of Ideas vs UBS , but a national tragedy nonetheless. Though it wasnt perfect, it was a beacon of what can be achieved if people if people rid themselves of the deadening nationwide sense of impotence around taking action. I loved my visits and the cabaret evenings, full of righteous indignation but hilarity, spirit and camaraderie were truly impressive. My organisation http//:singupstpauls.weebly.com were hoping to have our 18TH DECEMBER 3-6PM mass rehearsal (for the BIG SING on the steps of the Cathedral on December 21st 6.30-7.30 ) at the BOI … I have alternatives BUT all will cost . Can anyone out suggest a large open empty space ( for around 200 singers) on that day. It needs to be close to the The CITY and easy access for public transport -The focus is to highlight the DEC 19TH -23RD Court case that intends to evict the St Pauls residents … we have singers coming to contribute from all over the country . Come on people – get down- go to the website, sign up! , Lets make it massive and show the world that we support the movement and the legal team who are fighting their corner.


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