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The Bank of Ideas were at the High Court this morning to challenge a UBS ex parte injunction against “protest activities” being held at the Occupy London-associated community centre on Sun Street.

A second hearing had been scheduled for Friday 2nd December to hear arguments related to a UBS possession order on the property.  In the event, the judge decided to postpone the first hearing for a week and join the two cases so that they will be heard together.

The Bank of Ideas were representing themselves this morning, but will be taking further legal advice before the next hearing, which wiil take place at the High Court at 2pm on Monday, 5th December.


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  1. Well done Bank of Ideas! Will be there to support on the 5th. This is such an important stand in the broader movement to reclaim privatised and wasted space for important public use. You have my love and support – not to mention my gratitude for the amazing events taking place which I get to enjoy and learn through

  2. When you do take legal advice, can I suggest – though I accept it looks tangential at the moment – that you look at the provisions set out in the Localism Bill, which became law two weeks ago, around the duty on local authorities (including the City of London Corporation) to draw up a formal ‘list of assets of community value’.

    This requires the Corporation to seek/take nominations from community groups (there would be a point of law as to whether you are one) over what is such an asset. You could, i believe, validly state that it may be your intention to submit the USB building as such an asset, so that you and/or others can offier to purchase/lease it should it subsquently be made available, within the time period made available for such a process under the law.

    Not sure if it’d work and your legal team may feel it’s a bit tangential, but may be worth looking at as an innovation given the newness of the law.

    Clearly the Corporation will not have started the listing process by the time your case is heard, but there is provision in planning law precedent for policy intent to be taken into account.

    Email me if you want more detail.

  3. So far so good.

  4. Very excited by all that’s happening at Bank of Ideas. Also support wholeheartedly putting to much better use abandoned space at a time when austerity measures are removing certain social services.

  5. I must admit, I doubted the Big Society would work but you are proving me wrong.

  6. Bankers balling at Royal Courts of Justice? £500 a head? Perhaps we should hire the royal Courts out every day and every night to the Bankers to at least get some money back from them ?

    Why bother with the pretence that there is such a thing called justice when you have the bankers, the mayors, the ministers, the judges balling, banqueting together inside the sumptuous Royal Courts of Justice, while calling the protesters outside in the cold damp tents in the street “fornicating hippies” — This is Boris’s Marie Antoinette moment.

  7. Boris Johnson was the guest speaker for the night at Royal Couts of Justice on Friday 25th November, ( anyone knows how much he charges for after dinner speech?)

    For those of you who could not afford the £500 ticket to get into the Courts that night, I copy below report from Siobhan McFadyen of Mail on Sunday:

    “Boris Johnson stayed true to his reputation as one of the world’s funniest politicians on Friday night.
    Amidst the financial crisis, London bankers joined the Mayor and a host of TV stars in raising over £100,000 for they city’s under privileged children.
    The Mayor was welcomed by a standing ovation and his energetic speech and his passion for the capital helped encourage those in attendance to dig deep.
    Boris had the audiences in stitches when he talked about recent protests.
    He said: “Baffling protests against capitalism that have led to not a single resignation of a banker, but of three clerics. When it comes to protests, I just cycle past them very quickly”.
    Comedian Patrick Kielty was also on top form when he took the stage at the Square Mile Masked Ball. He welcomed guests from all over the city and proved he wasn’t beyond poking a little fun at his audience of financiers insisting: “ The Royal Courts of Justice full of bankers?! This isn’t a party, this is a subpoena!”
    The Royal Courts of Justice was transformed into a Venetian palace complete with red carpet, stilt walkers and two top of the range Aston Martin’s on display outside, this was after all an event for London’s wealthiest financiers.
    Comedian Patirck Kielty entertained the lively crowd which included not only top banking firms such as BNY Mellon, Barclays and Ignis Asset Management but also members of the Maltese embassy and a host of TV personalities including cast members from Made in Chelsea, The Apprentice, Fashionista Brix Smith Start and hairdresser Nicky Clarke, all of whom sported masquerade masks for the evening.
    Guests enjoyed a silver-service three-course dinner, Cristal champagne and an array of cocktails from Ultimat Vodka and Johnnie Walker whisky.
    Stars of English National Ballet performed an exclusive performance of The Nutcracker, due to open at the Coliseum in early December and guests danced the night away to a live band and a surprise operatic performance.
    Magician of the moment, Dynamo wowed guests with up close magic during the champagne reception and for one night it appeared that he was able to make the worry of a double-dip recession disappear with a turn of a card as in excess of £100,000 was raised on the night via the charity auction, proceeds which will go to the Mayor’s Fund for London.
    The charity seeks to help alleviate the problem of child poverty in London and aims to improve the quality of life of London’s under privileged children.”

  8. Inletlignece and simplicity – easy to understand how you think.


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