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The third weekend of the Balcombe Community Protection Camp and the site now has over 100 tents. They are then joined by a few hundred people everyday, but more are needed.

The camp is getting more donations of tents and sleepingbags. The Kitchen is lacto-ovo vegetarian. This is important for health and safety reasons, due to the heat in the day. There is no refrigeration and due to the shortage of water.

The camp had another visit from Natalie Bennett, of the Green Party, unfortunately the only political party in the Houses of Parliament, standing up against fracking. Osborne and Cameron would prefer not to hinder shale gas, the Lib Dem shadow minister for energy, loves fracking.

If you are going to be visiting:
Please bring water with you. It does get very hot.
At night, the temperature plunges and feels like winter, so ensure you have cold weather clothing.
A battery pack to recharge your phone would ensure you can communicate with the outside world.
If you are staying, bring a tent and your sleeping system (sleeping bag, bivvy bag, roll mat)
There are communal tents, but it is more comfortable having your own.
If driving, wood for the camp fire, eggs and canned foods would be welcome.

The Tech Crew need donations of Solar Panels and car batteries to power the projector, LED lights and to recharge laptops/phones.

Natalie Bennett on another visit to the Camp.

Reclaim the Power plug.

Update from George and from the camp fire. This is how a community should be living, not indoors in front of a television being programmed.


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