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Away with the Info Shed first. They don't want to know about Fracking.

Away with the Info Shed first. They don’t want to know about Fracking.

A moody end to the Vigil at Balcombe Community Protection Camp Tuesday 19th November. The vigil was given less than 40 minutes, before their equipment was seized by Bailiffs.

One thing to be noted, is that to never underestimate the power of the photographer. without them these thugs would have rolled over us even quicker than they did. Thank God for our friends at Balcombe Community Protection Camp Vigil.

A couple of updates from the protectors.

From Gary:
Day after last day at the vigil. Still warming up after leaving yesterday. massive love and thanks to all the people who came down to help us. It was more than we could have hoped for, people turning up with what we needed, its amazing how Balcombe and the people there have made Fracking the debate it is now. Fracking must be stopped, simple as that. We the people, we have a duty to make sure it is. Look forward to being involved again soon. In the mean time me and the other admins will keep this Fb group going with news of any kind related to Fracking and the activities of those who oppose it. When the main camp reassembles, then we can start posting more local news from Balcombe too. After a long occupation on the verge at London Rd Balcombe it’s time to head home. If I don’t see you this winter, i will see you in the spring. Love peace & rice, GJS.

From Ian:
Hi folks, I stayed on after others had left after the eviction and others visited for some time. We now have a dedicated protest area (DPA) fronted by some very substantial straw bales. This is a good size if people want to continue the vigil and was won for us during the high court proceedings. The straw bales provide some measure of protection from the wind. The main restriction imposed by the injunction is that we cannot erect tents or other living structures and people cannot “reside” on the verge. However we lit a camp fire and made tea so as far as I know, that is permitted. I stayed the night, close by and with help rescued as much of our resources that had been been left for the binmen to collect as I could. There are pallets, ply and a good collection of firewood now in the DPA. I was told by an official in charge of refuse collection that they would not touch anything in the DPA, but anything left outside will be picked up and deposed of. Afraid, I didnt stay around any longer as I wasnt in the best of states, what with the weather etc. I would respectfully suggest that people avail themselves of this concession to continue the vigil. There will certainly be many opportunities to push the boundaries of the restrictions imposed by the injunction. Remember the bailiffs are now a long way away and WSCC will not be able to monitor activities all the time.

A protest pen has now been set up with the following conditions.

A protest pen has now been set up with the following conditions.



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