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Facilitating Consensus and Overcoming Barriers in Horizontal Groups – Occupy London workshops
October 20, 2013 @ 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Consensus is not only a decision making tool, but a process that builds group consciousness through mutual understanding. If used appropriately it can empower individuals and groups and improve collaboration. In this short session[…]

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Meet 12 noon at Prince Regent station.
Bring: a tent, fun, food, music, banners and water!
The DLR is not running, but you can get a rail replacement bus 3 stops from Canning Town (on the Jubilee Line), or join the critical mass cycle at 10am at Bank junction. Plan your journey[…]

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The Excel Centre, London, Sunday 8th September, 12 noon sharp.
More information on the location at 12 noon on 7th September.

On Sunday the 8th September, the Occupy movement will take action against the Defence & Security Equipment International (DSEi) arms fair in East London, which is billed as “The world leading defence and security[…]

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Balcombe village, in West Sussex, has become in the last weeks the focus for the fight back  against the government’s decision to promote fracking in the UK.
The locals have been running a community protection camp outside the gates of an exploratory fracking operation just outside their village for over two weeks, and now,[…]

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Reclaim the Power – Occupy Assembly

Occupy Assembly on Reclaim The Power, on the steps of St Paul’s in London, August 1, 7pm.
Reclaim The Power is a direct action camp being held near West Burton in Nottinghamshire from Fri 16 – Tues 20 August.
Activists campaigning for economic, climate and social justice are coming together to support No Dash For[…]

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Statement of Solidarity

(approved by the Occupy London General Assembly on the steps of S.Pauls on the 31st May 2013)
Occupy London stands in solidarity with all who refuse to accept the current unsustainable, unjust and undemocratic system. We want structural change towards authentic global equality.The world’s resources must go towards sustainable care-taking of people and planet,[…]

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Spain’s economy shrank for the[…]

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A report from the World Social Forum

I have recently returned from Tunis where I travelled to take part in the World Social Forum. I had never participated in one before, and the fact that it was happening so close to Europe, was an opportunity that I didn’t want to miss. I left without really knowing what to expect, but brought with[…]

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Idle No More – A Global Uprising

The Idle No More movement was founded in order to fight the C-45 bill that the colonial state of Canada is trying to pass through, which will make it easier for reserve lands to be bought and sold by big companies to get profit from resources. This bill is a direct violation of Treaties, Indigenous[…]

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