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Occupy London march to the Egyptian embassy – meet at noon on Saturday

In light of the continuing, highly disturbing, intimidation of Egyptian activists and journalists, Occupy London has issued a second statement of solidarity with our friends fighting for democracy in Tahrir Square.
“We, Occupy London, send our solidarity to the revolutionaries in all of Egypt’s Tahrir Squares, and support their demands.
We denounce the killing of[…]

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GA Minutes – 7pm, Saturday 26th November 2011

Facilitator: Saskia
Minute taker: Julie
The facilitator welcomed everybody and explained we will be talking
about strike action tonight.
John volunteered to explain the hand signals to the meeting.
The facilitator read out our initial 9 demands:
1 The current system is unsustainable. It is undemocratic and unjust.[…]

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GA Minutes – 7pm Friday 25th November 2011

Location: St Paul’s Steps
Event: Evening General Assembly of Occupy LSX
Date: Friday 25th November
Facilitator: Mark
Minutes: John
Started: 7.20pm
Facilitator: Welcome
Announcement: Edinburgh council has given official support for Occupy!
Announcement: Finsbury sq is one month old tomorrow – going to have Birthday Mashup from 9pm.
Announcement: Rythms of Resistance Fundraiser for Fortnum[…]

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GA Minutes – 7pm, Thursday 24th November 2011

Occupy LSX General Assembly Minutes
7pm Thursday 24th November 2011

1. Call for international European day of action in late March, [Consensus achieved]
2. Creation of a Working Group to look building bridges in Europe, specifically regarding a caravan around other groups in Europe in response to an invitation by Tunisia.[…]

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Build up to N30 strike and John Holloway to talk at OccupyLSX tomorrow

We are very excited to have John Holloway (Professor, Instituto de Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla), one of the world’s leading theorists of capitalism and resistance, come to speak to us tomorrow at 5.30pm in front of the steps of St. Paul’s.
His book Change the World Without Taking Power has[…]

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US Ambassador confronted with calls to "Free Bradley Manning"

OccupyLSX to host solidarity rally on 17th December
A beefed up City of London police presence greeted Occupy London activists demanding the freedom of Bradley Manning on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral in London yesterday (Thursday). US Ambassador Louis Susman was attending the annual Thanksgiving service at the cathedral along with a sizable number[…]

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Build up to N30 Strike

The largest strike action of a generation will take place on Wednesday 30th November.
Occupy London wholeheartedly supports the strike action by over 3 milion workers fighting for their pensions and a better society.
The government is attacking the people with unjust, unequal and unneccesary austerity measures. The banks got bailed out, we got sold[…]

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GA Minutes – 1pm, Thursday 24th November 2011

Minutes from Occupy LSX General Assembly
1pm Thursday 24th November 2011


There are process meetings daily at 10pm and 5pm, and twice weekly process meetings at 2.15pm downstairs in the Salvation Army cafe. There’s a board in the library tent that shows upcoming proposals and discussions. Process also provides[…]

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Tomorrow at Tent City University – Sex, Race and Class – Selma James

2pm Friday 25 November, Tent City University, Occupy London Stock Exchange site at St Paul’s Churchyard
Speaker:  Selma James,  Global Women’s Strike. Co-author of the women’s movement classic,Power of Women and the Subversion of the Community, and Marx and Feminism, and Sex, Race and Class.
Followed by discussion.

SELMA JAMES is a women’s rights, anti-racist[…]

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