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Marriots of Fire Slowwalk 18072017

MarriottsOfFire 18072017 Part1

Original Video Link.
I don’t often get these feelings inside. And it’s left me feeling pensive.
Today’s slow walks, have been amazing! That’s not the problem I’m glad to say. The issue is the status quo of police violence has changed. It’s clear that Derbyshire Constabulary are NOT used[…]

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Preston New Road, Outside the Cuadrilla gates of Hell 30th June 2017

Preston New Road, Outside the Cuadrilla gates of Hell 30th June 2017. Please support the good people of Lancashire.

Lancashire Police have drafted in officers from other forces to launch a 24-hour operation at the fracking site in Fylde.
Current £450,000 tax payers’ money ([per month) budgeted for the Police to act as Cuadrilla[…]

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Hedge funds helped wreck Puerto Rico

Hedge funds helped wreck Puerto Rico by Aengus mac Og.
It’s another symptom of the way things are within this corrupt and untethered political and economic system.
Puerto Rico as we know is not one of the wealthiest places in the world and is slowly but surely going bankrupt. I hear today that US hedge[…]

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I was once a Refugee by Nina

I was once once a Refugee by Nina Moniri.
I was once a refugee
I am the child of refugees.
Two hard working people who left a hazardous existence in the hope that one day I would have the security and safety they didn’t have.
What would’ve happened to us if we hadn’t left I[…]

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This is Christmas and what have you done…

This is Christmas and what have you done… by Tina Louise Rothery
That line “And so this is Christmas and what have you done…” is in my head and I thought I’d post a little something before I head off to family time. Then I started thinking about stuff that has happened since last year…[…]

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Barnet Bohemians

Barnet Bohemians
Gangsters broke into our new Bohemia/Mothership Xmas special community centre! We called the police who came to our aid by the dozen and in the end we made a deal to stay for a while.. This can be our perfect Xmas Story after all the corporate fiascos since the Love Activists trafalgar bank[…]

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David & Goliath – Drug Policy and Russell Brand by Andria E-Mordaunt

Years ago, my then-therapist, who knew I’d been deeply involved in drug policy reform, suggested I contact Russell Brand as he was also speaking out against unhelpful drug legislation. I had stopped watching TV, so barely knew who he was.
Fast forward to early 2014, and he is suddenly an acquaintance: fellow ex-drug[…]

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COP21 – Saturday 12th December: Action in solidarity with Paris activists

COP21 – A deal that kills our planet is no deal for us
Join our red lines action!
As the UN climate talks in Paris draw to a close, activists in Paris, despite the state of emergency, will be finding creative ways to make their voices heard and to remind the world of what is[…]

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Judge Langley Gives Green Light to CORRUPTION!

Judge Langley Gives Green Light to CORRUPTION!
Women`s charity kicking out homeless women, including one pregnant, onto the streets who have been searching for a place to stay this winter.
They wanted to surprise the homeless in the area, along with people who are looking for company from the local community, with Christmas dinner this[…]

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