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SaveILF by Paula Peters

I would like to say how proud of my brothers and sisters who carried out the action at Westminster Abbey yesterday. I was proud to lead a team of 10 activists across the road and lock on to that gate, it was one of the proudest and nerve wracking moments of my life. But when[…]

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DPAC are National heroes, by Carl Green

DPAC are National heroes.
The protest on the 28th June wasn’t just to save the Independent Living Fund, which was it’s prime purpose, it was also a fight for Human Rights. It was a fight for freedom in the face of major adversity.
The massive Police presence bought in to deal with probably a hundred[…]

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Anti Eviction Protest -> Let the squat stay! HomesNotJails

Patrick Connolly says:Former squatted student social centre is being evicted by Camden Council, on Friday 27 June at 9.15 am .
The property has been empty for about 15 years but the council refuse to let anyone use it. The locals and activists use the space to organise and hang out (It was also used[…]

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Is This The USA Shale Fail All Over Again?

In 2012 alone, Southwest Energy wrote down reserves of Fayetteville from 5 to 3 trillion cubic feet (tcf); Chesapeake Energy wrote down Haynesville and Barnett proven reserves by 4.6 tcf (erasing 20% of its proven reserves); EnCana wrote off $1.7 billion in shale gas assets; British Petroleum wrote off $2.1 billion due to failed investments[…]

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Drugs Peace – Support Don’t Punish 2014

Support Don’t Punish
We are planning another, bigger Support Don’t Punish event in London this year – on Thursday 26th June at Parliament Square.
JUNE 26th is the day that some governments/cops publicly shoot dead ” sellers of illegal drugs” as a way to deter others,but over the years, we have discovered that they were[…]

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BBC Complaints – Form Letter Response to No More Austerity News Blackout

BBC Complaints – Form Letter Response to No More Austerity News Blackout
This is the form letter response from the BBC Complaints department regarding the news blackout regarding the People’s Assembly No More Austerity March and Rally in Parliament Square.
The BBC seem to be ignoring the complaints and just sending the same form letter[…]

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The House of Commons by Frances Leader.

Made the mistake of hopefully watching the Labour Party placing their questions to DWP bosses Ian Duncan Smith & his partner in crime, Esther McVey today in the House of Commons.
I was waiting for someone to ask them:
“Are you aware that more than 50,000 people took to the streets of London to object[…]

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Estimated 50,000 march in London against ConDems’s austerity

Estimated 50,000 march in London against ConDems’s austerity
There were an estimated 50,000 people who made the march today, starting from Portland Place, The BBC headquarters, but nothing was known whether the BBC News would deign to report upon the demonstration against the ConDem Cuts on our services. Perhaps they preferred to concentrate on the[…]

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People’s Assembly March To Spark ‘summer Of Mass Action’ LIVESTREAM


People’s Assembly March To Spark ‘summer Of Mass Action’
Crossposted from http://www.morningstaronline.co.uk/a-5e12-Peoples-Assembly-march-to-spark-summer-of-mass-action#.U6SCCVN2-m0
TOMORROW’S giant People’s Assembly Against Austerity demonstration will light the fuse on an explosive summer of strikes and protests, anti-cuts activists predicted yesterday.
People of all stripes have backed the march to Parliament Square and following mass anti-austerity festival,[…]

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