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We demand an immediate guarantee that the status of all migrants currently living in the UK will be protected. An immediate guarantee that they will not be forced to leave and that their political and economic rights in the UK will be upheld.

Migrants currently living in the UK are our families, our friends, our[…]

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Resign! A gathering at Downing Street

Iceland wouldn’t put up with their crooked Prime Minister, and neither should we. It’s now clear that David Cameron and his family have benefitted hugely from offshore tax havens, all the while he lectures us on how morally wrong it is, and how his government is closing tax havens down. He’s a liar and a[…]

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Edward Snowden’s David Cameron Tweet Tells Public To Rise Up And Force PM’s Resignation


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Listen here to interviews and highlights from Grow Heathrow’s 6th birthday party!

London’s most famous eco-squat celebrates 6 years of inspired resistance. We go along to the party and talk to activists there about their struggles, their successes and our shared future.
Support our show here: www.patreon.com/grassrootstakeover[…]

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Join the March for No Jobs!

‘The goal of the future is full unemployment’ – Arthur C. Clarke
On Saturday April 16, join Radical Assembly in marching for a future without work.
Technology is removing jobs at an incredible pace, from factories, supermarkets, from offices, soon even from the roads. The left should recognise the mobilising potential of a call for[…]

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Calais – Under Attack and Fighting Back!

Calais – Under Attack and Fighting Back!
30% of the camp is being cleared by force. Successful solidarity is being met by naked state power. But resistance is fertile![…]

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This is how you shut down a pipeline

<iframe src="https://www Related Site.youtube.com/embed/H1TRW1oVgu0″ width=”660″ height=”400″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”>
Today people in so called “Quebec” shut down the valve of Enbridge’s controversial Line 9B pipeline, essentially cutting the flow of tar sands oil to eastern “Canada”[…]

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Protest: Don’t vote to bomb Syria

David Cameron has announced that MPs will this Wednesday 2 December vote on bombing Syria.
Stop the War is asking all its groups and supporters to protest on Tuesday 1 December, against plans for bombing, the day before the vote.
In London we will[…]

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Is it Safe to Go to Calais After the Paris Attacks?

Grassroots Takeover discuss their trip to Calais a few days after the Paris terrorist attacks, and look at what’s happening in the refugee camp and what to do if you’re planning on making the trip over. They also look at how to make the world safer in the face of terrorism and how we might[…]

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