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Working Group Assembly – 3rd March 2012

Working Group Assembly – 3rd April 2012
Facilitator – Vica Minutes – Jack
Court hearings for those arrested in N9 attempting to Occupy Trafalgar Sq. This case is important. We could see a change to the law revolving around the use of section 5 of the criminal justice act, which has been used[…]

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Working Group Assembly 27th March

Facilitator: Jonn
Minutes: Tina
Location: outside Royal Opera Hall
Start: 19:05
End: 21:30
Jonni – Everyone knows the hand signals. In the process group we decided to do a working group assembly as normal, try and limit that to an hour. Then have a discussion about certain things that have been happening at the[…]

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Working Groups Assembly – 20th March 2012

Working Group Assembly – 20th March 2012
Feedback from the May meetings, this is info for all WGs and your involvement
1st May – There’ll be marches across Europe tied into labour day. AS much involvement as possible. The 1st is about engagement, having a discussion and maybe a music event. This needs[…]

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