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Leicester City Council (LCC) currently has 54 councillors, of those 52 are Labour Politicians; given this, you would be forgiven in thinking City residents are protected from some of the most brutal Welfare Cuts for 30 years?
The reality is LCC have imposed every one of the Governments Policies at it’s fullest, and in[…]

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Apathy A Choice

As a disabled person who has been involved in Disability Civil Rights and Anti War/Nuclear Power protests, I see people losing hope as those in power try to persuade the people that “Austerity” and a lower standard of living is good for the nation!?
I was fortunate enough to see “The Spirit Of 45” the[…]

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Reclaim the Power!

Energy is not a luxury, it is a basic human need: it is required for cooking food, as well as for heating homes in a cold climate such as ours – and yet it is being put beyond the reach of increasing numbers of ordinary people in our society.
We have known for some time,[…]

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Talking About Drugs at Democracy 2015 Event

By Andria E-Mordaunt, involved with Occupy since Oct 15 2011,  largely – though not exclusively – as part of the Welfare Working Group (WWG). MSc in Social Policy & Planning from LSE. Former – recovering – drug user. Mother of the wonderful Millie.
On March 13 I went to a gathering at St Mary Abbot’s[…]

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Fracking and Arctic drilling. Is it worth it?

by Imad Gibbs
As I learn more about fracking my views become more and more strongly inclined against it. Obviously anyone with half an environmentally-conscious mind will soon realize, after learning more about it, that it is a hideous and sinister way of extracting energy for our modern lives.
Fracking stands for Hydraulic Fracturing, essentially[…]

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The Tower Bridge 3 get a date in the Old Bailey.

Three activists from the Climate Siren direct action climate protest group appeared in court at the Old Bailey on Thursday 14th February. The three were arrested on September 1st last year for suspending a giant banner displaying the words “Climate Change: Our Next Challenge”m the upper level of Tower Bridge. They were charged with Public[…]

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