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Up to 3,000 people marched through London alongside Aurora, for Greenpeace’s Save The Arctic campaign.
The giant police bear, the same size as a double decker bus, required 15 puppeteers and 20 volunteers to haul it through the streets of London.
People marched down Lambeth Palace Road towards Shell headquarters, on Belvedere Road, to call[…]

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A Poultry Matter
A giant chicken handed out information about GM food to passers-by in Holborn, next to Sainsbury’s Head Office in Central London on Tuesday 3rd September 2013.
The leaflets being handed out were to publicise www.GMHealthriskweek.org and the Work of http://www.gmfreeze.org/.
Most Britons don’t realise that supermarkets’ own brand dairy and meat has[…]

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Power: how we reclaim it

By Melanie Strickland
Many people, probably the majority of citizens, would agree with Occupy, that the economic system we live under is unjust, undemocratic and unsustainable. What is actually stopping us from coming together and collectively demanding that the status quo is changed in favour of the 99% and long term planetary wellbeing? Alice Walker,[…]

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London March Against Monsanto 25th May 2013

2 million protestors. 52 Cities.
This is the livestream of the London Demo. Small barely a thousand, but good for a first Demo. 300 ended up having a tour of London along with the Hare Krishna band.

March Against Monsanto: Tour of London.

Outside the U.S. Embassy.[…]

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Climate Siren drops a banner for climate justice once again!

In another bold act of civil disobedience three activists from the direct action group Climate Siren dropped a banner from Tower Bridge on Saturday, which read CLIMATE CHANGE: THE NEXT CHALLENGE.  This complemented beautifully the Paralympics logo just underneath.
The Olympics and Paralympics message is one of peace and universal goodwill. Climate Siren’s[…]

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Climate Siren activists scale Buckingham Palace gates to highlight climate emergency

Four members of the group Climate Siren, which included Occupy London supporters, chained themselves to Buckingham Palace gates on Saturday 23 June to highlight the biggest threat to our planet, climate change. The activists were there for over 4 hours and the stunt attracted national and international media attention. Their banners included a quote[…]

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